Wakatobi Dive Resort

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Wakatobi Dive Resort is an award-winning eco dive resort located in Southeast Sulawesi. This remote luxury resort offers high end services and hospitality along with personalized services. Diving down the pristine reefs of Wakatobi is bound to give a sense of utmost fulfillment to every diver.


The lodgings provided at the Wakatobi Resort falls into four categories, namely Wakatobi Villas, Garden Bungalows, Beach Bungalows, and Premium Bungalows.

Wakatobi Villas

The Wakatobi Villas are situated on one end of the resort and is built on a raised area from where the residents can have a good view of the setting sun. These are large in size with spacious rooms, and sandstone is used a lot in its construction. One of the villas, built in a comparatively secluded spot, is called the Honeymoon Villa.

Garden Bungalows

These are in the vicinity of trees and plants. A few Garden Bungalows are on the southern side of the resort and a few are on the western side of it. The way they are positioned, only some of them face the ocean.

Beach Bungalows

The Beach Bungalows are set in close proximity to the ocean so that you can hear the lapping of the waves from the balcony of the bungalows. Though all rooms are air-conditioned, the breeze here is so good during the middle of the year that air-conditioning becomes redundant.

Premium Bungalows

These are quite similar to the Beach Bungalows in construction style, but face the west and so let the guests watch the sunset. There are books on marine life in these bungalows plus some extras like night torches, and room interior décor is quite good here.

Premium Select Bungalows

A big porch in front, good lounge beds with cushions, and an excellent view of the sea are the added attractions of the Premium Select Bungalows. These are located on the northern side. In fact they are old bungalows but their interiors have been touched up in such a way that they are more dazzling than the later additions.


You can experiment with Asian and Western and Indonesian food while you are at Wakatobi for the main restaurant menu gives a choice of all these cuisines. The chefs are insistent on using the freshest produce, either locally grown or flown in from other places. The seafood in the diners is excellent, and the fishes that you see swishing and glugging around you in the sea, often land as choice delicacies on the tables in front of you.

Room service and private dinner for two on secluded spots on the beach are available. Now and then there will be a beach cookout for a different, innovative dining experience. The chefs are every ready to experiment new dishes and satisfy the guests’ special diet needs, if any. All that is required is advanced request for these things to be arranged.

Select wines, beer, different blends of tea, coffee options like cappuccino and espresso, fresh fruit juices, and special cocktails are all available at the restaurant and the bar. Tea, coffee, and cookies are available, free of charge, throughout the day in the lobby.

Wakatobi Spa

A good body massage, after a prolonged diving session, is something that most divers would enjoy, and Wakatobi has the best provision for it. Besides the traditional Balinese massage that involves slow kneading and acupressure tactics, the spa provides hot stone massage using polished stones, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy using scented oils, skin scrubbing with a variety of nutrients like honey, almond, yogurt, or soybeans, facials with varied refreshers, and pedicure and manicure.

Diving Wakatobi

The underwater flora and fauna of Wakatobi waters are rich and diverse and eye-catching, and for every diver it is a thrill to sink into that enchanting world. There is also a famous House Reef, considered to be one of the best in the world, a stone’s throw away from the Wakatobi resort.

Expert divemasters work as guides and take visitors to the local diving sites to find these rare marine species.

Diving Yacht

Wakatobi features the Pelagian, a diving yacht and liveaboard with elegant cabins in which guests can travel and access dive sites located at a distance from the resort. It has got five cabins and can accommodate a total of ten guests, and three guides are provided for the guests. The yacht provides all amenities like air conditioning, good dining facilities, hot water, and space for working with the camera and charging and storing equipment.

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