Walea Dive Resort

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Walea Dive Resort is an upmarket resort located in the remote Togian Archipelago of Central Sulawesi.

For all those who want to see nature’s naked beauty, and dive deep into the bosom of the sea to explore its incredible biodiversity, to wake up listening to the waves and to watch sunsets in the evening, Wales Dive Resort is an ideal place. It is small and unique giving more than what expected.


The resort has got 11 bungalows, in the construction of which natural materials are used as much as possible. The bungalows are almost completely made of stone and wood and glass, and solar panels are used for heating water.


Coral reefs abound in the sea surrounding Walea, and because of the many rare species of marine animals that are found underwater, the place is good for muck diving also. Unspoiled sea extends to 200 km2 around Walea Dive Resort, and water current is hardly ever fast enough to be dangerous. The place is good for snorkeling also.


The island of Walea falls in Central Sulawesi, and is a unit of the Togian Archipelago. The resort is situated in the island called Walea Bahi. The nearest airport is Luwuk from where it takes about 90 minutes to reach Pagimana harbor by road. From the harbor, it will be another 75 minutes to reach the resort by boat.

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