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A fun puzzle game with multilayer color pictures! High color graphics, excellent sound and fascinating gameplay…

Try to put together multilevel puzzle. Show attention and strategic thinking. Here you don’t need to demonstrate your speed or dexterity. You can game in your chair with a cup of coffee in hand.

Aquagame Zodiac

Enthralling puzzle game with kaleidoscope of zodiacal signs and dazzling colors. Balls fall in the triangle glass and white christmas snow is illuminated with light of its annigilations.

Multiplevariants of the game, bonuses, joker bubble make the game absorbing pursuit for all the family. Highly original music, stunning color effects and genuine fireworks in the end.

AQUA PUZZLE PENTIC with new fun pictures!

A fun puzzle game with multilayer color pictures!

  • Cute Animals Picture – Assemble all the levels and find out who there lives.
  • Space Pictures – You dream to visit space? Already not. But you feel this romantic drive yet?
  • Horse Picture – Blue horse, red horse, green horseĆ¢. Gather together all the herd and get incredible high score!
Gerd May 25, 2018

Hi! Where can I get the game?


    Kim December 10, 2019

    Hello Gerd,
    Did you manage to find a download for this game?

    cheers Kim


kim martland December 07, 2018

I would like to know how to get this game please


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