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Aquatoy creates fun & innovative swimming pool toys and pool games!

Aquatoy, Inc. was formed in the Spring of 1999 to develop water sports toys and accessories. It all started with a bowling ball and dolphins almost 17 years ago.

While working as an intern on the Janus dolphin communication research project Wink Thorne experienced a whole new underwater game. He would play catch with the two dolphins in the project, Joe and Rosie, using a bowling ball under the water. The dolphins could flip the ball with their tail and send it sizzling through the water. They would spend hours in the tank tossing the ball back and forth.

Six years later, while working on a senior thesis project at Stanford University, he recalled this experience and used it in developing a new water toy, the AquaDisc. After many years of experimentation and refinement, the AquaDisc was ready. The AquaDisc was released to production in the Fall 1999.

Now the game of underwater catch invented by dolphins is played by humans all over the world.

Aquatoy announces our newest pool toy, the Glow AquaSquid. Glides underwater like a real squid and uses Power Glow sticks for long lasting bright glow.

Tee off with AquaSkimmer Golf, the fast action pool game! Floating Golf Goals offer unique game variations with fun skimming challenges.

The AquaDisc offers a whole new way to have fun in the water. See our complete line of AquaDisc water toys.

Enjoy fast paced action on the surface of the water with the AquaSkimmer or try Skimmer Golf for hours of competitive fun in the pool! The Skimmer Hockey swimming pool game makes a great gift!


Aquatoy creates fun and innovative products for the water!

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Aquatoy protects your confidential information with the latest in security technology.

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Swimmers beware the Squid has been unleashed! Glides underwater like a real Squid. Play catch and target practice games. Make the Squid twist and turn with different throwing methods.

The Glow AquaSquid uses a 4″ glow stick in the body section for long lasting play. Simply remove the head and tail and separate the body section to insert the glow stick. The AquaSquid includes 1 purple glow stick. Replacement packs with 3 different color glow sticks are also available.

12″ long and made of durable plastic materials. Head and tail section are flexible for safety.


Aquatoy presents 3 models of the popular Aquadisc. The Aquadisc is a favorite of divers and more experienced swimmers. The AquaDisc Glow is great for intermediate swimmers and nighttime fun. The New AquaDisc Fling is designed especially for younger swimmers.


The AquaSkimmer, zips along the surface of the water with a flick of the wrist. Inspired by skipping stones the AquaSkimmer is a high performance skimming toy. See how far you can skim it!


Aquatoy offers a variety of fun games. For surface fun there is the AquaSkimmer Golf Game. For underwater fun try the AquaDisc hoop.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get the maximum Distance on throws underwater?

Since water is 700 denser than air you need to use a little different technique than what you may be used to with a flying disc to make the AquaDisc go far under water. Here are a couple of tips:

  • Use a push technique. By smoothly accelerating the AquaDisc through the water and using your whole body to complete the throw you can get much longer throws with the AquaDisc. Think underwater Shot Put!
  • Let the disc buoyancy work for you. The regular AquaDisc has a tendency to sink, so throw it slightly upward allowing it to curve down for maximum travel. Since the Glow Disc is slightly buoyant throw it slightly downward and it will lift up at the end of the throw.

How does this work?

Designed to glide through the water with minimum resistance. The shape and weight are designed for optimum performance through (almost) neutral buoyancy. The GlowDisc has slight positive buoyancy (floats) and the regular AquaDisc is slightly negative (sinks) in fresh water and positive in salt water.

How far will it travel?

Up to 30 feet in distance underwater.

How deep can the AquaDisc be used?

It has been used in depths of up to 50 feet in the water. It will work in both fresh and salt water.

Material/ Weight

What is it made of?

Durable plastic materials.

How much does it weigh?

Less than one lb.


What are its uses?

Underwater games of toss and catch, underwater hockey, ultimate disc, scuba navigation, dive plane control, aquatic exercising or create your own game. Other exciting uses will be highlighted in the new Aquatoy Activity Book available now!

How does it work as a dive plane?

Hold the disc in front of you while swimming (best with fins) and tilt the disc to change direction. – Simulate the movement of a dolphin.

How does it work as a boomerang?

Flick disc up at an angle from about 5′ depth and it will come back to you. This works best with the buoyant GlowDisc. For the regular AquaDisc throw it up at an angle and it will come back. (It is possible to trap some air in the AquaDisc to make it temporarily buoyant).

How can it be beneficial to dive instructors?

Once instructors have taught their students the basics, it is a great way to reinforce their lessons in a fun and relaxing way. An excellent distraction for divers while de-compressing.

Will there be new products introduced by Aquatoy in the future?

Yes. We are devoted to introducing new innovative high performance, high quality water sports products.


All Aquatoy products are designed with safety a top priority and meet the EN-71 and ASTM F963 safety standards. Children in and around the water should be supervised at all times. Do not allow rough play. Do not throw an AquaDisc or AquaSkimmer to someone unless they are ready to catch it. Goggles are recommended for underwater play for additional safety and enjoyment.

Does the AquaDisc Hoop release if a child gets caught swimming through it?

The AquaDisc Hoop is designed with safety in mind. The base has just enough weight to stay on the bottom, and does not use suction to stay down. The hoop itself will easily release from the base if a child happens to catch on it.


Where did the idea come from?

The products have been in development for over 10 years. The inspiration for them comes from Mr. Thorne’s high school experience swimming with dolphins in the JANUS dolphin communication project in California. He became intrigued by the idea of an underwater disc and did his senior thesis project at Stanford University on the concept. After graduating in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Product Design, he joined Microsoft in Seattle and, in his spare time, continued to work on his water sports product concepts. Mr. Thorne, who holds 11 U.S. patents, formed Aquatoy Inc. in April 1999 to manufacture and bring to market AquaDiscâ„¢ and AquaSkimmerâ„¢. The company, is located in Seattle, Washington.

Have you gotten any feedback on the AquaDisc?

Yes. We visited stores, conducted consumer testing in pools and in water depths of up to 50 feet. The overall results where positive and quite frankly very exciting – everyone wanted to know where he or she could get one. People love their AquaDiscs and so do seals. They’ve been known to steal them and hide them from their trainers.

Samantha June 30, 2018

Where can I purchase an original Aqua Skimmer by aquatoy?


s August 12, 2018

Very good question. I’ve been looking for them for years now. I don’t think they exist anymore. Would love to find them.


John August 20, 2018

I am a Disc Golf Retailer and interested in carrying your products in my shop. Please E-mail me so we can talk about your frisbees. Thank you


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