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Bali Dive Cruise specialized in small groups which allows them to take optimum care of their guests. They are very experienced in regard to dive sites and are also flexible with the need and wants of their customers.

Vovo and Yani- a German- Indonesien family are the owners of the Duyung.

They have been organizing cruises and dive tours since 1999.

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Diving in Komodo

The Komodo National Park is made up of not only Komodo Island but of many small and medium sized islands including Rinja, Darat and Laut. The water surrounding these islands abound with marine life, strong currents surge between the islands on a daily basis. The currents bring with them the rich nutrients vital to this thriving marine eco system.

These currents can make diving “tricky” but for more experienced divers, exciting and great fun. There are dive sites suitable for all levels of diver, from experienced open water diver and above. However there is no doubt that the largest shoals, the biggest fish, the most sharks and generally the most exhilarating dives are where the currents are at the strongest. Therefore I would suggest to get the best out of the area; the diving is not for newly qualified or inexperienced divers or for divers who are not capable of a bit of hard fining on some occasions.

So what’s the diving like? Many of the dive sites such as Castle Rock, Crystal Boomi, Batu Bolong, the Cauldron and the passage are truly “world class” dives, when dived under the right conditions. Other sites rate as excellent diving.

During our dives we have encountered amazing marine life, large amounts of sharks, mainly white tip and grey reef, large shoals of jacks, snapper, surgeon fish and fusiliers.
Large groupers can be seen on most dives and we have also seen some of the biggest hump head wrasse we have seen for years. Turtles abound, Manta rays are common and eagle rays, we spotted regularly.

The corals here are spectacular and rarely in Indonesia have I seen so little evidence of fish bombing. The reefs in many cases can be considered “pristine” and are alive with all the usual reef dwelling creatures. Some sites offer excellent “macro” life, with the possibility of seeing sea horse, frog fish, leaf fish and a large variety of nudibranch.

From Juni to September the surface water conditions are most good and on many days, flat calm. Visibility is good anything from 15 – 40 metres. Water temperature varied from 24 – 28 degrees C depends on tide.

For maximum comfort in the water we would suggest that you wear a quality 5mm thick wetsuit. Wetsuit boots and open heeled fins are also preferable. We would also recommended you bring a reef hook, D.S.M.B., whistle, torch and all the usual spares etc for diving in remote locations.

All of our diveswill be guided by the knowledgeable, experienced (10 years operating in this area) and enthusiastic PADI Divemaster ,Vovo, ably assisted by his boatman and current “guru”, Merajap, who has been navigating these waters since he was a child. He seems to be able to read the oceans like a book.

The charter of the Duyung willbe sometimes only wi just 3 divers . The diving takes place from a 6 metre long aluminum boat powered by a 40 hp outboard, the tender is equipped with a VHF radio communication system and all the recommended safety equipment. The speedboat journey times from the Duyung out to the dive sites take between 10 – 20 minutes. Whilst the divers are out diving the Duyung anchors up in a calm secluded bay, so non divers can relax in a peaceful and tranquil environment. Up to 4 guided dives per day are offered and with conditions permitting a self guided night dive can be taken.

The Duyung operates from Labuan Bajo the garden city on the island of Flores, which can be reached by a one hour flight from Bali (or a four day boat journey from Lombok, we will tell you about it sometime).

Your time on the Duyung and the diving in the Komodo National Park will be wonderful, with some of the best diving in the world will be done.

Komodo Dragons

Entry in to the National Park costs US $34 per person for up to 8 days. (Not included in the Charter price). This fee also includes shore excursions onto the island of Komodo or Rinja to see the iconic Komodo dragons. We made excursions to both islands and saw many dragons, deer, buffalo, wild boar, eagles and other exotic bird life. We thought the island of Rinja was actually better than Komodo, guided walks of approx. 2 hours cost
10.000 Rupia (approx. at current exchange rates 65 pence).

Volcano lakes in Kelimutu

It is a long drive from Labuan Bajo Flores to the lakes.

You can come easier from Ende/Flores to Kelimutu, but therefore is another plane ticket necessary.

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