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We’re a community of members from more than 60 countries and 48 states that come together to share a passion for coral reef marine life and learn and see more!

The Demoiselles – Reef Gems

The demoiselles (genus Chrysiptera) are among the most beautiful of all the damselfishes. It also contains some of the smallest and most overlooked pomacentrids. This Pictorial Profile examines most of the species in this genus.

Clown Blennies

There are many fishes on the reef that can bring a smile to the face of a human observer. But few have as comical a countenance as the blennies.

Antipredation Behavior of Reef Fishes

Many reef fishes spend a considerable amount of time and energy trying to avoid being eaten. In this series of articles, we will look at the antipredation strategies and tactics employed by fishes to avoid their piscine neighbors.

Nudi Falls Virtual Dive

Make a “Virtual Dive” on one of Lembeh’s most popular dive sites — Nudie Falls.

Education can be fun!

School with the Best CoralRealm University Online, an extension of Our mission is to provide our members with high-quality information and resources to make learning fun and engaging…

Marine Life Encyclopedias

Search our Reef Fish or Shark Encyclopedias containing more than 1200 descriptions and photos! Learn their habitats, behaviors and much more!

Crusty Cleaners – Crustaceans that clean fish

Did you know there are shrimps in the “cleaning business”? This interesting feature article details the cleaning behavior of many types of shrimps. Included is a photo gallery with information on biology and behavior.

Deepsea Sharks

Command the CoralRealm submersible on a mission to investigate deepsea sharks. Loads of information on biology and numerous photos. Some of the weirdest sharks in the sea! No experience necessary!

Dazzling Dottybacks

Although often overlooked because of their small size, the dottybacks are some of the most colorful and interesting fishes on Indo-Pacific coral reefs. Learn more about them here!

Test Your Fish & Shark ID Skills!

Enhancing your knowledge of reef fishes is the best way to get more enjoyment out of every dive. The more you learn, the more you’ll see on every dive. Guaranteed.

CoralRealm is making it easier for you to learn the names and fascinating facts about reef fishes that inhabit the coral reef. Every day, you’ll be able to check out the photo of a new, featured reef fish.

Test your knowledge by trying to identify the species by common name. We’ll provide you with the correct name and much more! Our detailed profiles include information on habitats, feeding, reproduction, behaviors, diver interaction, distinguishing characteristics and best places to see.

This is a great way to sharpen your fish ID skills!

Table of Content

    • Reef Fish Guide Introduction

The Transformers!

They’re for real!

Reef fishes use a variety of defense mechanisms to protect themselves from predators. Some fishes use unique color patterns as camouflage. Other fishes transform their body shape or produce toxic substances to become less appetizing meals. The puffers use a combination of these defense mechanisms to protect themselves.

Sleeper Gobies

The goby family is the largest on coral reefs. Learn about the sleeper gobies, a group that exhibits fascinating feeding and reproductive behavior. Includes links to 12 species profiles.

The Freckled Moray

Keep Your Eyes Open for this Eel Oddity

Learn about a clan of banded morays, known as the reticularis group and their unusual life-style.

Comet Reproduction

Calloplesiops altivelis is a beautiful but reclusive fish that is rarely seen by scuba divers. As a result, very little is known about its behavior. In this report we will share some observations on the comet’s egg-tending behavior and give ideas on how to capture it on film.

Lions of the Reef

The lionfishes are some of the most beautiful fishes found on the coral reef. They are a favorite of divers and aquarists alike. Check out this gallery of 12 different species/variants with info and photos.

Frogfish Fever

Grips the Strait!

CoralRealm corespondents give a first-hand report of new discoveries and fascinating finds in the Lembeh Strait.

  • Reef Fish Database Search
  • List of Fish in our database
  • Reef Fish News
  • Fish Watching
  • Creating a CoralRealm Life-List
  • The Critter Hunt
  • Photo Galleries
    • Midway Atoll Marine Life
    • Marine Fish
    • Lionfish Gallery
    • Puffers
    • Moray Eel Gallery
    • Butterflyfish Gallery
    • Frogfish Gallery
  • Fish Watching Techniques
  • Roger Steene – Master Fish Photographer
    • Special Behaviors to observe
      • Cleaners
      • Feeding Associations
      • Anemone Fishes
    • Photographing Fish
    • Reef Fish Locator
  • Fairy Wrasses
  • Flasher Wrasses
  • AngelFish
  • Aussie Anglers
  • The Rhinopias (scorpionfish)
  • The Banggai cardinalfish
  • The Blenny Family – 28 species profiles
  • Leaf Scorpionfish – King of Crypsis
  • Odd Couples: Snapping Shrimps & Shrimp Gobies
  • Anthias and Social Mimicry
  • Marine Life of Lembeh Strait, North Sulawesi
  • Frogfishes: Anglers of the Reef
  • The Fishes of Pitcairn & Easter Islands
  • Anemonefishes & Sea Anemones
  • Chromatic Chaos: Color Forms of the Longlure Frogfish
  • Ghost Pipefishes: A Classification Riddle
  • Ghost Pipefishe Gallery and Descriptions
  • Reproduction in the Ghost Pipefishes
  • The Golden Varieties of the Eightbanded Butterflyfish
  • Color Variation in the Queensland Yellowtail Angelfish
  • Mr. Mom – Seahorse Reproduction
  • Hamlet Love Making!
  • The Oman Butterflyfish – Adventure in Oman
  • Diving the Darwin Point – Midway Atoll
  • Midway Atoll Birds
  • Midway Atoll History

Information on Sharks

  • Shark Guide Introduction
  • Shark Database Search – 120 shark & ray descriptions
  • List of Sharks in our database
  • Clickable Shark Map
  • Shark News
  • Shark Diving
  • Creating a CoralRealm Life-List
  • How to be a safe shark diver
    • Photographing Sharks
    • Diving with wobbies
    • Shark & Ray Locator
  • Dangerous Sharks – man-biters & man-eaters
  • The Hammerhead Shark – A Complete Guide
  • Shark Food – They Are What They Eat
  • Shark Video Clips
  • The Broadnose Sevengill Shark
  • When the Shark Bites
  • Manta Mania
  • Manta Photo Gallery
  • Shark Photo Gallery
  • Tiger Tucker
  • The Wiley Wobbegongs
  • Wobbegong Luring Behavior
  • Big Biters – Who are they?
  • Rayproduction
  • Shark Sex
  • The Inflatable Sharks: Survival of the Fattest?
  • The External Anatomy of the Shark
  • Feeding Mechanism of the White Shark
  • Mutant Stingray!

Information on Invertebrates

  • Introduction to Invertebrates
    • Overview of Sponges
    • Overview of Stoney Corals
    • Overview of Soft Corals
    • Overview of Sea Anemones
    • Overview of Segmented Worms
    • Overview of Mollusks
    • Overview of Crustaceans
    • Overview of Echinoderms
  • Feature Articles
    • The Mantis Shrimp
    • Commensal Couple – Mantis & snapping shrimp
    • Peacock Mantis Shrimp
    • Mantis Observations Tips
    • What Are Corals?
    • Cephalopods
    • Nudibranchs
    • Bluering Brunch
    • Temperate Water Critter Hunt
  • Coral Distribution Maps
  • Invertebrate Photo Galleries
    • The Mushroom Corals
    • Flower Pot Corals
    • Stony Corals
    • Cephalopods
    • Nudibranchs

Travel Logs and Destinations

  • Destination Designer
  • Diver Preferences
  • Diver Personality Test
  • Destination Database Search
  • Travel Tips
    • Finding a Good Travel Agent
    • 37 Packing Tips
    • Preventing Trip Troubles – Health Issues
    • Minimizing the “lag” in Jetlag
    • A First Aid Kit for the Prepared Traveler
  • Kungkungan Bay Resort
  • Night Diving – Ho Hum to Ho Wow!
  • The Wonders of Wall Diving
  • Grand Turk – Turks & Caicos
  • Roatan and the CocoView Revisited
  • Diving for new species – Bali Indonesia
  • The Oman Butterflyfish – Adventure in Oman
  • Manta Mania – Diving the Revillagigedos
  • Maldivian Magic – Maldives
  • A Journey To Sulawesi
  • Midway Atoll Diving
  • Diving the Darwin Point – Midway Atoll
  • Turks & Caicos aboard the Wind Dancer
  • Straits of Tiran – Red Sea
  • Sipadan: Waterspouts and “fish twisters”
  • Grand Turk – Turks & Caicos
  • The Lembeh Strait Expedition
  • Bunaken & Lembeh – North Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Buddy Dive – Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
  • Nudi Falls – Lembeh Strait, Indonesia
  • Undersea Hunter – Cocos Island, Costa Rica
  • Costa Rica – side trip to Cocos Island
  • Spirit of the Solomons – Solomon Islands
  • Savusavu – Vanua Levu, Fiji Islands
  • The Twilight Zone – Ambon, Indonesia
  • Kungkungan Bay Resort – Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Other Marine Life Information and Resources

  • CoralRealm Gift Gallery
  • Wakatobi and CoralRealm Collaborate
  • CoralRealm Discussion Forum
  • Virtual Postcards
  • Marine Life Videos
  • Glossary of Marine Life Terms
  • Puzzles and Quizzes
  • Sea Surface Temps
  • Destination Weather

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