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Everything on one in Dive Dorset!

As Dorset’s leading dive destination, Castletown boasts;

  • Hard Boat charter from Scimitar diving.
  • Gas filling from Scimitar diving
  • Servicing and rental from Underwater Explorers
  • Accommodation from Hotel Aqua
  • Accommodation from the Green Shutters
  • Ample Parking
  • Food and refreshments
  • Equipment rinsing and kitting up areas

Table of Content

Commercial Charter

Dive Dorsets boat is available to carry out commercial charter work.

  • Land-based facilities:
  • Diving gases
  • Private boat jetty
  • Parking
  • Hotel & cafe
  • Equipment wash-down facilites
  • Drying rooms

Our hard boat is equipped with modern diver lifts and on-board toilets, oxygen-1st aid kits.

Our boat is MCA coded, licenced for 12 passengers.

Examples of past contracts include:

  • Sight seeing
  • Safety boats
  • Crew transfers
  • Water Taxi
  • Guard Boat Duties
  • Press Boats & film makinging/photography platfor ms
  • Corporate day charters
  • Water sampling/survey work
  • Light cargo
  • Sprinkling of ashes at sea
  • Commercial diving work

Boat and Facilities

Air and Gases

Air and gas fills to 300 bar are available on-site only 100 yards away from the main dive boat jetty at Dive Dorset in Castletown, Portland.

Our centre now not only has new compressors but complements its services with a totally new cutting edge gas blending panel with four whips for nitrox, trimix and argon fills and a new air multi-whip air panel for rapid and high pressure air fills.

Air purity standards are displayed for customers by each compressor station.

Gas station opening times April – September


Nitrox cylinders will usually be filled immediately. However on days when Dive Dorset boats are not running, due to staff scheduling cylinders may on occasion not be filled until 4pm.

For trimix fills 24 hours notice would be appreciated.


GOOSE is the most recent addition to our fleet and is an Evolution 38 hard boat, approximately 12m long. It is powered by a single Cummins QSC8.3 Diesel engine producing just under 500 HP with a an additional 4 HP bow thruster to help in tight spaces.

Purposebuilt with comfortable diving in mind, Goose is set to cruise with 12 twin set divers with stage cylinders at around 18 knots, reaching 20 knots.

Goose has a diver lift, outdoor toilet and a large wheelhouse and foredeck for divers to travel in comfort. The spacious Goose is a steady platform at sea and a divers bench built to order allows 12 divers, even with twin sets and stage bottles, to kit up while sitting and resting prior to their dive. The boat is also equipped with a microwave oven that can be used to warm your pasties, a water boiler for gratis post-dive soup, coffee and hot chocolate rounds, making it an ideal platform even for the most distant dive sites.

Spacious deck and outdoor toilet complement the comfort Goose offers to divers.

Deck before diver bench fitting shows motor driven lift with manual override. The purpose built bench on Goose comfortably supports 12 kitted divers in the above area.

Goose is equipped with modern technology. We even have normal electricity both via plug and cigarette lighter adaptor for laptops. Navigation instruments are sent to a multifunctional display where if required radar/wreckfinder/chart plotter can all be viewed separately or all together dividing the screen to suit the skipper. There is also a separate digital fish-finder that will also display GPS numbers and speed as backup. In addition, the multifunctional display can dedicate the whole screen to the chart plotter with the radar picture overlay, this would enable for instance you to know the precise position of any contacts i.e. another dive boat or a ship on its way. There are two VHF DCS radio’s an auto pilot and a 3D chart program running on a laptop to give divers a pictorial view of their dive site, which can also be used for survey work giving a 3D view of the bottom and how broken and spread out the wreck is. Goose is also equipped with heating and hot air vents up the window screens to stop misting when the wheelhouse gets wet with divers. The forward cabin has been opened up to provide extra seating.

Microwave oven, sink and water boiler in the wheelhouse. Outdoor toilet on deck. Cummins diesel engine under deck and divers bench.

Top Gun

Hard-boat, Onboard Lift, toilet

TOP GUN is a (Portland 10)10 metre hard boat with a hydraulic diver recovery lift. It is powered by two large Perkins Sabre diesels and cruises with twelve divers on board at around twenty knots making travelling time to most of the offshore wrecks around 30-45 minutes.

Top Gun operates under an MCA Category two (yellow) certificate (up to 60 miles offshore) and is leased to Dive Eclipse Ltd who operate it from our Pontoon in Castletown.

We make your diving Simple, Safe and Fun…

ALL of our boats are hard boats with large deck space for divers as well as purpose built benches for kitting up and resting. Divers are always welcome into the comforting warmth of the wheelhouses. We also serve hot chocolate and soup after all dives.

ALL of our boats have onboard toilets. While Top Gun and Maverick have below-deck toilets in the bow section, newly constructed Goose boasts a toilet on deck easily accessible to the suited diver.

ALL of our boats are equipped with MCA required safety equipment that is stringently inspected on a regular basis and have modern navigation and communication technology.

Diver Lifts

The days of climbing out of the water in full kit or a diver hauling kit and self above the sides of an often unstable RIB have long been over for those who choose to Dive with Breakwater Diving Centre.

ALL of our hard boats are equipped with modern diver lifts that open up as a door for a giant stride entry into the water and are lowered down underwater to lift you to deck at the end of the dive. You only need swim in with all of your gear and hold onto the railings as the skipper or member of crew operates the lift, helps you to your seat and offers you a refreshing and friendly welcome…

Dive Dorset New Hardboat

Building Goose… Bringing comfort to diving with you in mind..

From the very first day the hull of this Evolution 38 was prepared in Cornwall we had only one thing in mind. To provide as much comfort as possible for your diving while complementing it with the needs of recreational and technical divers alike.

So much was our interest in producing a boat that would meet your requirements that we ran on-line surveys and questionnaires, discussed these needs directly with divers using our other hard boats and came up with the closest we could both in comfort, speed and space.

Our target was a light hull, a strong engine, spacious deck and wheelhouse, speeds ranging from 18 to 20 knots and most of all, an ability to easily transport 12 fully kitted technical divers.

We invested heavily not only on a boat but also on its mainframe electronics to make it a survey vessel if need be for our own explorations and projects. We would like to thank those who gave us valuable feedback at the stage of designing and implementing Goose as our project to complement our existing dive boats. We would specifically like to thank those members of the Dorset Gas Diving Group (DGD) and contributors of DIS-UK for their private and public inputs. We hope you will enjoy many good dives with Goose…

Chesil beach Diving

One of Britain’s most popular shore diving sites and also a haven for anglers, this 18 mile stretch of pebbles and shingle starting from Portland was formed at the period of the last ice age, some 12,000 years ago. The beach is littered with the wreckage of ships that have lost battles to demanding waves of the past and come to settle on the pebbles and rocks of Chesil. It can be dived in most conditions where sea swell is less than 2 ft. The beach is not subject to any restrictive tides and offers a spectacular underwater trail of plant and fish life to depths not exceeding 18 metres. Chesil Cove, the sheltered part of the beach reserved specifically for diving activities, offers both novices and experienced divers a year-round underwater experience and is often also used by visiting dive schools. Currents are weak or almost absent at Chesil Cove.

This Jurassic Coastline is so outstanding both underwater and on the surface, that significant parts of it have now been designated as “Special sites of Scientific Interest”.

Underwater Nature Trail

What starts as very large pebbles at the sheltered Chesil Cove, the best dive site on Portland, drops in size uniformly towards Burton’s swimmers beach, becoming no more than a shingle carpet ending as a relaxing sand bed.

The “Hag pebbles”, on the banks of the Chesil Beach, are highly prized though removal of pebbles is still strictly forbidden. In reflection of rituals dating back to the times of the Roman Goddess, Diana, Hag pebbles bearing the mark of the “Veasta” of the Chesil Beach, are still believed by some to be powerful charms.

Chesil Beach Diving Guidelines

1. Always use a Surface Marker Buoy when diving

2. Always leave note of your activity with someone on the surface

3. Always respect bathers and especially anglers, staying out of their way

4. Do not leave behind your litter

5. Remember that removal of pebbles from Chesil Beach is forbidden and illegal

6. Where car parking spaces around the Cove are unavailable, you are advised to use the Masonic Car Park at the Scuba Centre

7. Watch out for swell when entering and exiting the beach. If swell is over 2ft, exits can be difficult and require assistance

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