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Exciting BC Scuba Diving Vacations! Experience world class diving off the west coast of Canada. Campbell River diving & Quadra Island diving.

Dynamike Diving charters include accommodations & meals.

The diving here will blow your socks off!

Experienced scuba diver Mike Richmond is ready to take you scuba diving here in the Campbell River / Quadra Island area in the protected waters of east coast Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

In a Dynamike BC diving charter, divers will encounter drift diving, wall dives and wreck diving. Because he has been scuba diving in British Columbia (in the Campbell River area) since 1980 many of the best local dive sites are Mike’s “discoveries” including Richmond Reef, Grouse Island, April Point, Seymour Narrows, Gorge Harbour, Surge Narrows and Willow Point Reef. Interested in wreck diving? DynaMike’s dives also include wreck diving on the wrecks of the Capilano and the Columbia.

The DynaMike Dive Lodge and Charters is centrally located on Quadra Island, just a 10 minute ferry ride from Campbell River, Vancouver Island. Because of our excellent location (Lucky? Yes! Accidental? No!) the furthest dive site is a 40-minute boat ride and the closest is just 3 minutes away. At DynaMike Dive Charters you spend your time diving not boating.

West coast Canada scuba diving offers first-rate wreck diving in crystal clear water teeming with a diverse selection of colorful and exciting marine wildlife. Scuba Divers will have lots of opportunities for incredible underwater photography. Just click on any photo on the website and you’ll see exactly what we get up close and personal with during our legendary Dynamike BC scuba diving charters!

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The BC Diving Experience

Scuba diving in BC, off the west coast of Canada in the Campbell River / Quadra Island area, offers a variety of exciting dives. On a DynaMike Diving Charters you will encounter drift diving, wall dives and everybody’s favorite, wreck diving. In this area, the passage between Vancouver Island and the west coast of British Columbia, most dives are made at slack water. This is the time it takes for the water to stop then change directions. A good slack period is 20 – 30 minutes with a 10-minute grace period on each end.

Reefs & Wrecks

Mike Richmond has been diving in the Campbell River area for over 25 years; he is considered one of the pioneers of BC scuba diving in these waters. As a result of his years of diving Mike discovered many of the dive sites that are now visited by other scuba diving charters. Some of Mike’s dive sites include Grouse island, Richmond Reef, April Point, Seymour Narrows, Gorge Harbour, Surge Narrows, Gorge Harbour and Willow Point Reef. If wreck diving is your thing then a DynaMike Scuba Diving vacation is a “must do” experience for BC wreck divers. DynaMike’s dives also include wreck diving on the wreck of the Capilano where the underwater photography opportunities are incredible!

Incredible Flora & Fauna

BC scuba diving off Campbell River means you will see a diversity of marine wildlife. Besides the giant octopus you will see wolf eels, anemones, crabs, hydroid sponges, sculpins, rockfish, seals and sea lions (winter).

Octopus & Other Things

For those who come a long distance for scuba diving in Canada and who want to film the octopus, Mike will dive with you to make sure you get the underwater photos you want. Snorkeling with the seals is included in a Dynamike scuba diving charter package, they are found near several of the dive sites. There are dive sites for all levels of scuba diving experience. Some beginners diving sites are void of current but the marine life is sparse. These beginner sites prepare you for the more advanced dives.

BC Dive Sites

Whiskey Point, Middle of the Road, Grouse Island, Row and Be Damned, Quadra Express, April Point Wall, Steep Island, Copper Cliffs, Richmond Reef, Seymour Narrows and wreck diving on the hulk of the former destroyer HMCS Columbia are all favourite west coast BC diving spots.

BC Wreck Diving on the Columbia

On June 22 1996 the former HMCS Columbia, a 366-foot, 2,900 ton destroyer was sunk off Maud Island between British Columbia and Vancouver Island. The wreck became an artificial reef for sport divers visiting the Campbell River, BC area. The warship now lies in 90 to 110 feet of water and lists approximately 40 degrees to port, providing a fantastic wreck diving opportunity for recreational wreck divers in British Columbia.


DynaMike Diving Charters operates with a 26′ aluminium dive boat that was custom built for easy on and off access for scuba divers. This custom dive boat is also wheelchair accessible. The boat is powered by two 80-horsepower four stroke Yamaha out boards and can carry 12 scuba divers with scuba gear at a speed of 30 mph.

DynaMike Dive Lodge and Charters is centrally located on Quadra Island, just a 10 minute ferry ride from Campbell River, Vancouver Island. Because of our excellent location (Lucky? Yes! Accidental? No!) the furthest dive site is a 40-minute boat ride and the closest is just 3 minutes away. That means you can spend your precious diving vacation time diving not boating!

DynaMike Dive Charters currently supplies tanks and weights as part of our British Columbia diving package and we will have wetsuits, regulators, tanks, etc for rent.


Quadra Island, British Columbia, Canada!

Now for some details. For starters, where’s Quadra Island? For most of our scuba diving clients it’s a case of hop, skip and jump from mainland British Columbia or Washington to Vancouver Island, then to Campbell River and over to Quadra Island.

First you need to know where Vancouver Island is. Vancouver Island is a large island located off the south west coast of British Columbia, Canada. It can be reached by regularly scheduled airplane or charter plane (to Campbell River Airport) or full service vehicle ferry from the mainland to either Nanaimo (1.5 hour drive away) or Victoria (BC’s capital city, 4 hours south of Campbell River).

Once you’ve reached Vancouver Island you’ll head to Campbell River on the north central east coast. The cold, clear water that is channeled between Vancouver Island and the west coast of British Columbia is a scuba diving paradise teeming with colorful sea-going flora and fauna!

Quadra Island is located between the west coast of BC, Canada and Campbell River. Quadra Island is easily accessible with a 10 minute ride by car ferry from Campbell River or private boat.

In the grand scheme of things Quadra Island is located 90 miles NW (as the crow flies) of the city of Vancouver.

At Dynamike Dive Charters & Lodge we have plenty of room to park your R.V.


DynaMike Scuba Diving Charters & Lodge – Accommodations & Meals

All-inclusive BC scuba diving charters with Mike and Darlene Richmond include lodgings and all meals along with their sensational scuba diving charters (including wreck diving) in the Campbell River / Quadra Island area between Vancouver Island and the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Mike Rich built their cozy scuba divers lodge on Quadra Island, BC, Canada in 1998. In addition to their own personal accommodations the lodge features 5 bedroom accommodations for up to 10 guests, a large living room, 2 bathrooms and a separate shower.

With 25 years of BC scuba diving experience in the cool, clear waters off Canada’s west coast Mike and Darlene know how to treat their clients after an exciting day of diving. Returning divers can look forward to a bubbling hot-tub, the perfect way to end to a perfect day in the water.

Dynamike all-inclusive BC scuba diving vacation packages include excellent home-cooked meals (which are Darlene’s specialty) as well as comfortable accommodations and lots of diving stories from one of the diving legends of the west coast of British Columbia.

Maelene July 15, 2018

Hi my friend and I recently completed our PADI open water diver course in Cozumel and would like to continue diving in our local area. We plan to be up on Quadra for several days in August at my parents, and would love to do a couple beginner type dives. Do you offer guided dives? As we are new to diving (6 boat dives completed in Cozumel) we currently don’t have all our gear … only mask, snorkel, fins and light weight wet suits. No bcd. Would you have gear available to rent, or is there a dive shop in Campbell River area that rents, that you would recommend?
Thanks for any information


Evans May 26, 2019

Dear management
I will like to confirm if you can accomodate 5 persons in the month of september starting from 17Th to 23rd of september 2019. Noting that they will arrive on 16th and depart on 24th 2019.


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