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Welcome to Off the Wall Divers in the Cayman Islands!

Off the Wall Divers specializes in custom dive trips for small groups (2-10 divers). They provide professional services for the novice and advanced diver alike. Off the Wall caters to computer divers, offering afternoon and morning two tank dives. Extended bottom times with ample surface times for extended second dive.

  • Photographers Welcome
  • Nitrox available upon request
  • Stingray City visits
  • Daily trips to the best reefs and walls in Grand Cayman
  • Speciality trips to sites rarely visited.

Scuba Diving

  • 2 TANK: West Wall Dive
  • 2 TANK: North/South Wall Dive
  • 1 TANK: PM Dive
  • 1 TANK: Night Dive
  • 1 TANK: Stingray City Dive
  • Snorkeling Trips

Scuba Instruction

  • PADI Open Water Certification Course
  • Open Water Referrals
  • Resort Scuba Course
  • Advance and Specialty Courses

Equipment Rentals

  • Regulator W/Console
  • BCD
  • Dive Light
  • Dive Computer
  • Wetsuit

Cayman Islands Information

First of all, to get through immigration visitors will need a return ticket and a passport, or voters registration card with photo ID, or a certified copy of a birth certificate (preferably your own), with photo ID.

Liquor is very expensive on the island, so taking advantage of the duty free shop makes sense if you enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunsets. One Liter per person is permitted.

In addition spear guns are strictly prohibited, and will not be allowed through customs.

Upon arriving you will notice that we drive on the lift side of the road. Another immediate observation is that while exchange rates vary from currency to currency, the American dollar is only worth $.80 Cayman.

It is important to have confirmed reservations at any of the resorts or condos on the island prior to arriving. Depending on the time of year, vacancies are very limited, and immigration must have a local address for you on the island or you will not be permitted to enter.

While restaurants and shops are available within walking distance of most resorts, an automobile is recommended to allow a greater variety of nightlife, as well as transportation to and from the dive boat and for shopping excursions into town. Leave your poker face at home, there is no gambling on the island, and the bars, while plentiful, all close at 1am during the week, and 12 am on Saturday and Sunday. We now have a few nightclubs that stay open till 3 a.m. Your diving will usually exhaust you so this should not be a problem.

There are plenty of restaurants and drinking establishments to choose from, to many in fact to list them all here. Some of the Island favorites are The Lonestar, Billy Bones, The Tree House, the Blue Parrot and the Pirates Den.

For spectacular sunset viewing, I would recommend The Warf. All are affordable and offer a variety of frozen drinks along with fun times and people. the Pirates Den is even open for breakfast should you wish to eat before your morning dive. For more elegant dining (or for that special occasion) we recommend Otmar’s, Bed Restaurant, LaBodega, and Smugglers Cove.

If you have a car and enjoy fine Italian dining we recommend Papagallo.

There are other activities for those that do not dive. The snorkeling is excellent, and can be done right from the beach. Para-sailing and watercraft rentals are available at several locations.

There are two golf courses to choose from, one designed by Jack Nicholas. Horseback riding on the beach is available and shopping at the duty free shops is always an alternative.

The island boasts one of the few working turtle farms in the world and a visit to “Hell” is always fun. Tour operators are plentiful, and they are usually delighted to show off their island to you.

What about the diving?

As for the diving… world class.

Caymans non-volcanic origins make for excellent visibility with water temperature averaging between 80/88 degrees F. The marine life is quite diverse, and on the shallow dives, quite used to divers. Stingray City is a world famous dive that allows the diver to interact (in complete safety) with dozens of Southern Stingrays. The dive takes place in 10-12′ of water so the bottom time is extraordinary. It is also an excellent adventure for the non-divers in your group, since the depth and clarity of the water enable them to view the interaction between diver and Sting Ray quite well.

The major diving attraction in Cayman is “The Wall”. The Cayman wall starts in anywhere from 30′ to 60′, and in most places goes straight down to a depth of 1900′. Most dives are conducted in the 100′ range, and it is often quite easy to see the dive boat on the surface while at that depth.

There is usually little or no current on the wall dives, and the proximity to such deep water gives the diver the opportunity to observe Eagle Rays, Hammerhead Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks and other pelagic sea life. Cayman is home to some of the largest barrel sponges in the world, and many types of deep-water sponges and corals are common. The shallow reefs are quite nice. Arranged in “finger” formation, they make for a wide variety of undersea life, as well as for easy underwater navigation.

The clarity of the water also allows for spectacular night dives, and on nights with a full moon visibility without a light is possible. A night dive is an excellent opportunity for the macro photographer to find all types of unusual photo subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • “Can I swim under the island?” (No, you cannot swim under the island)
  • “Can I go shopping at Stingray City? (Err… No.)
  • “How many breaths are in a snorkel?” (We have no idea)
  • “Is that Cuba?” (No that is not Cuba, it is the north end of the island)
  • “How long does it take to learn to drive on the left?” (Not long)
Khadein June 05, 2018

How much is your OW certification course? I am visiting Cayman on Aug 20-25 and staying at SMB.


Van July 19, 2018

Looking to set up dives for two people.
Both certified with own equipment.
Mornings of Wed July 25 and Thurs July 26.
Please advise.


Dieder December 30, 2018

My wife and I are attending a conference at the Ritz Carlton from Jan. 23-27. The conference is in the morning and we would like to dive in the afternoon. Do you offer two tank dives in the afternoon or just one tank? We dive nitrox when we travel. We usually dive in the cold waters of Lake Ontario so we use air there. We look forward to the warm clear waters of Grand Cayman!


Ming January 21, 2020

I would like to get more information regarding the Scuba Diving Open Water certification. I am new and would like to know how much is it to do the whole process on site and how much if I have done the online course or online+pool part. Also would like to know how many days it will take to do the whole process there.
Second question: How far is your place from Owen Robert airport.
Thank you


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