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Red Sea Dive Guide for The Brother Islands, Daedalus reef, Elphinstone reef and Sudan Scuba diving in the Red Sea!

The Brother islands

The Brother islands are located in the middle of the Red Sea. The Brothers are considered to be among the best dives site in the world and particularly in the Red Sea. Steep vertical walls with fantastic coral growth and rich fish life means great diving. Sharks will cross these waters. Two beautiful wrecks – the Aida and the Numidia – rest on the slopes of El Akhawein.

The breathtaking underwater scenery stands in extreme contrast to the bare rocks on the islands. Due to the far offshore location rough seas can be encountered. Once you mastered this incredible diving is your reward!

Daedalus Reef

Next to the Brothers Daedalus is one of the best places for scuba diving. Daedalus reef is located in the middle of the Red Sea. A long boat ride to the lighthouse of Daedalus island will give you the opportunity to meet all kind of sharks, but in particluar hammerhead sharks. Unspoiled huge corals, big school of fish, manta’s and even the majestic whale shark can be seen here……

Elphinstone Reef

Diving at Elphinstone reef means diving at a place where you can meet it all: hammerhead sharks, grey reef sharks, and whitetip reef sharks are circling around the northern plateau. At the southern plateau, you can meet a cave in deep water. The western and eastern walls are covered with soft corals and all the life the Red Sea has got to offer. Thousands of anthias blocking your view while a turtle swims along. Elphinstone reef is a great place for diving and is quite close to the Egyptian coastline………..happy bubbles!


Diving in Sudan is different from diving in Egypt. The sharks of Sudan are famous! Schools of hammerheads and grey reef sharks are patrolling these waters. Soft corals of colors beyond comprehension form perfectly preserved reefs with an abundance of life. If you are into legendary diving you can explore Cousteau’s underwater village: Precontinent II at Sha’b Rumi. These reefs are among the best reefs in the world. Only 1200 divers a year will visit the spectacular reefs of Sudan.

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