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Madison Aquatic Park, Madison Alabama managed by Rock Divers!

Rockdiver’s, Inc manages and operates Madison Aquatic Park for the City of Madison, Alabama. The Park is the south’s finest inland Scuba park. The quarry is located on approximately 115 acres with approximately 8 acres in water. Maximum depths are about 50′ with the average being about 40′. The site is very well suited to training for new diver’s and offers fun and relaxing diving for you old pro’s as well. We have a variety of objects in the water for you to enjoy. These objects tend to represent the areas space background. Along with the more conventional items that you expect to see in a quarry, we also have some very unique items!

We currently have several parts that were parts of the original space station design, a U. S. Air Force F4 Phantom Fighter jet, and our newest addition, a full size 40+’ minuteman missile! Please don’t push the red button! 😉

Other items include a 30′ section of a steel bridge, a houseboat (25 foot) and two cabin cruisers (30 & 40 foot), a truck, Fire truck, several runabout type boats and other bits and pieces of stuff. We have some other goodies in the works that will make for fun dives coming soon.

Instructors and shops, we are here to assist you in anyway that we can for your open water check out needs. If you have any special needs or requests, please let us know. We want to accommodate you and your students in the best way that we possibly can.

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Diving with Rock Divers offers a collection of Amazing Experiences…

Diving opens up an entirely new world in which every dive and destination is exciting and different! Sign up for a spectacular dive vacation through the NAUI Travel Connection. See the table below for some of the exotic dive locations you can experience too!

Reef Diving – The most common type of diving is on colorful coral and rocky reefs to view the creatures that inhabit them. Shallow reef diving is found typically between 15-60 feet (4-18 meters). Reefs may slope gradually to meet a sandy bottom or “sand flat.”

Wall Diving – Walls are sheer underwater cliffs that descend vertically hundreds of feet to the ocean floor. Divers are attracted to the colorful and prolific marine life that lives on or passes by the wall.

Pinnacle Diving – Pinnacles are like underwater mountains that do not break the surface. Upwelling currents bring nutrient rich deep water up to the pinnacles. This phenomenon increases the concentration of marine life on the pinnacle

Wreck Diving – Sunken ships and other artifacts are underwater attractions found in many areas, predominantly in the South Pacific and Asia from World War 2. Wrecks become artificial reefs and provide a haven for small reef creatures, schools of fish, coral and sponge formations with larger pelagics cruising outside the wreck.

Drift Diving – Some destinations feature currents strong enough to carry divers over the reef with little or no exertion. Divers literally “fly” over more territory on a drift dive than on a typical dive. Normally you are followed by a tender boat or “dinghy” which picks you up at the end of the dive. Certain types of large pelagics like to feed in currents (manta, sharks, and whale sharks to name a few).

Beach Diving – Certain areas, especially in the Caribbean, offer the opportunity to dive directly off the coastline of your island. This gives one the chance to do more diving without having to pay for an additional boat trip.

Night Diving – After the sun goes down, divers take flashlights and watch the nocturnal creatures appear on a dive site they have normally dived during the day. Experience a variety of different creatures that appear at night, and the behavior of many animals also changes in the darkness. Dive at night for excitement and variety!


  • Night Diver
  • Underwater Environment
  • Underwater Photographer
  • Search & Recovery
  • Hunter & Collector
  • Wreck Diver (External Survey)
  • Wreck Diver (Penetration)
  • Deep Diver
  • EANx Diver
  • Training Assistant
  • Scuba Rescue Diver
  • Advanced Scuba Rescue Diver


As we all know, Scuba is an equipment intensive sport. It’s important that we keep our gear in top working condition at all times. Wes Hoopengardner is one of the finest scuba technicians in the industry and he can service all of your scuba equipment. Wes can service most lines of gear including those that we don’t stock. In addition to Wes’s talents we can perform your annual visual tank inspections and take care of getting your hydro’s done on your tanks. If you are certified and utilizing mixed gasses we can handle the O2 service of all your equipment as well.

BTW, our air fill equipment is tested and rated for Nitrox and Mixed gas fills. We currently do on site Nitrox fills. We do not currently offer Mixed gas fills or Argon for drysuit inflation but are considering these in the near future.


Gather up all your best buds or your worst enemies and bring them out so you can shoot them…. With paint that is! 🙂

Co-located with the Scuba Park is the south’s finest Paintball park! We have several fields available to enjoy this sport. We have speedball fields, wooded fields, a “town” and others soon to come. Walk on players and groups are welcome. For larger groups it is better and encouraged to call ahead and reserve equipment and field times.

We have a fully stocked shop and an Airsmith on site to assist with repairs and any other problem you might have.


The Paintball shop carries several lines of equipment for your playing needs. These are direct links to some of our suppliers. Most of the pages open in a new window so you can close the window and return to our site, but Bookmark our homepage so you come back here just in case! Don’t see what you want? Tell us what you are looking for and we’ll see what we can do about adding them.

We are continually adding to the product lines we offer, and of course we service all lines of equipment.


The on site Airsmith’s can offer complete service for your paintball equipment. From the simple replacement of an oring to a complete rebuild of your gun, give us a holler for your needs. Our Airsmith’s have been certified by various equipment manufacturers for authorized service and maintenance for your gear.


The camp grounds rent for $5.00 per night per tent or camper. No special rates, this is our special rate for those using the park.

Madison Aquatic Park now has 30 primitive campsites available with a large central fire pit for bonfires.

We have quite a few more acres available, but not as easily accessible and a “no fire allowed” requirement for camping.

We usually do not have any problems meeting divers/paintball needs so you generally do not need reservations for the campsites, BUT it is a good idea to call and check if you want one by the fire.

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