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Diving isn’t sport for selected, but activity almost for everyone, all you need is will and you can go underwater to see new, colorful, sea world. You can dive without any equipment (free diving), and with full equipment (scuba diving). Both on little and big depth where you can make use of new technology. Some people reach more than 200 meters depth. The charm of this sport is – beside high risk – changing underwater landscape, richness of underwater fauna and flora. Diver never know what could see. Often books from childhood, desire to follow after something unknown and to rival with others encourage to go deeper and deeper.

Scuba Diving Center present that there are following types of diving:

  • snorkeling – watching underwater world during flowing on the water with mask, pipe and flippers.
  • free diving – recreational, avaiable even for 10-12 yeared old child (for lower depth of course) without upper age limit, but specific by health condition of candidate.
  • technical diving – decompress, exceed recreational limits.
  • wreck diving – with shipwreck penetration.
  • cavern diving – with flooded tunnels, caves penetration – diving without opportunity of upright surfacing, not necessarily deep.
  • comercial diving – very difficult, with use of complicated diving eqipment.
  • saturnal diving – when inert gas absorbing by diver body, and descended from respiratory mixture, reach the highest possibility exterior value for set pressure.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving means diving with eqipment that enable to stay underwater more than average diving time with hold breath. Scuba diving is an abbreviation of Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. With Scuba diving you can see beautiful unterwater world: colorful coral reef, fauna, and visit shipwrecks and caves. You can learn scuba diving much faster than skiing. It is very relaxing activity.

Best places for scuba diving:

Diving Equipment

Diving need use of:

  • mask, pipe, flippers
  • cylinder(one or more) with compressed air or other gas
  • respiratory automaton enable to free breath
  • Jacket or wing to swim control
  • Diving anorak – wet of dry deppending of conditions
  • leaded weight
  • Computers or diving table, deepometer and watch to define safe deep, measure time to stay underwater and remaining time without decompression (recretional diving) or to define decompress do make underwater (others diving types) according to dive plan.
  • manometer to define amount of respiratory factor in cylinder.
  • cutting tool (knife or garden shears) to free, when you become entangled.


Snorkelling was invented for people, who for some reasons can’t dive. It is some kind of swim on the surface of water with mask, tube and flippers. Thank to this kind of surface diving it is possible to see beautiful Coral Reef and exotic fish without necessity of go deep into water.

Interesting places to snorkelling can be found in the Red Sea in following towns: Taba, Nuweiba, Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, El Gouna, Hurghada, Safaga, Quseir, Marsa Alam. Each of then offering intresting attraction. Plenty of diving and snorkellings schools offer hiring eqipment and teach of this sport. Hotel-base is very rich, so that everyone can find perfect conditions. In some places reef reach the coast and able to wonderful snorkelling! It is important to find places, where sea streams are little, and water is calm and clear. To fully delight of snorkelling, it is necessary to learn some behave underwater. It is concern animals-behave and also other snorkellin people. Sea animas schould not be touch, because they could burn, bite, prick or string when they feel scared. Main rule of behaving underwater is to observe. It is possible to quiet admire beauty of underwater world. It is exited to snorkelling during night with flashlight, because water animalcules, sqids swim to the light and animals, which live only during night can be seen. Water is cooler during night, and underwater world is calm and quiet. It is not good idea to feed animalcule, collect shell or other precious treasures. It is necessary to be careful and not to violate coral reef, unfortunetly it happens quite often. Everything in the sea live. Even though something look like tough rock, in fact is living coral. Reef is formed from billions microscopic animalcule, which are coverd by hard skeleton. Some of them are soft and looks like plants but it is animals too.

Three main rules of snorkelling in the Red Sea: living coral reef are dying, when they are touched, protect the reef, do not collect them, do not take anything and do not left everything in the sea. Forewarning – one of the most popular place to see reef – Samadai were closed because of big destruction made by tourists. It is hardly recommended to spend free time on snorkelling. It is very relaxing, full of emotion and exotic underwater sights activity.

Diving Courses

You can’t learn dive during several houres or one weekend. In fact finishing diving course also do not mean, that you can already dive. Finishing such a course we know how to behave underwater, but only after about 100 dives we may say, that we could dive already.

Good diving course schould prepare us to this in proper way. Such course schould compose of theoretical lecture, basin part and diving at the open water. Generally student schould spend about 6 hours with diving eqipment underwater. Exercises during courses schould prepare students to handle typical stressful situation underwater. There are first of all mask loss and lack of respiratory factor. It is also important to put emphasis on swim control. During course, but before trip to an open water it is necessary to examination in order to make sure, that there is no contraindication to dive. Such examination could be made in club doctors or in specialist sport-medical health center.

Choosing course it is also worth to remember, that after course you get right to dive in similar or better condition than during course.

How to start diving?

First of all you need to get some abilities, which means sing up for a course. Courses in foreign diving bases reminds driving license course. They last up to week and surly do not give use as many knowledge as “basin” course. They also do not prepare us as good as “basin” course. However for people, which feel confidently in water such foreign course may be enough to start diving career. You will get experience during another dive, which better make in company of someone more experienced person.

Where diving could be learnt?

In recent years a lot of diving schools, that teaching according to various standards has rose up, so that there is very big choice. At the moment, you can train for basic level in following diving organization: CMAS, LOK, NAUI, PADI, SDI, SSI. Each of them has their own teaching methodology, so it is worth to analyze individual curriculum in order to choose the best. However the most important in course choice is -not WHERE but- WHO (instructor) will teach us. Choosing diving school the best option is to ask people, who dive for several years. These people are probably well-versed where is good to train, and where not.

Best Places To Diving

Bali Diving

Bali is situated on 8 degree southern latitude and 115 degree eastern longitude. Along with 13,7 thousend near islands formed Republic of Indonesia, the biggest archipelago in the world. Bali is the westernmost island from Nussa Tengra archipelago, separated from East Java by 2,5 kilometer wide strip of sea.

Bali is calm place, divided over three small bays. There is perfect tourist infrastructure in Indonesia.

Island attract a lot of tourist for the sake of plenty of tourist attraction. It look like Agia Pelagia, but beaches are not as beauful as there, and there is no big hotels here as well. There is no problem to find free rooms for rent and modest hotels. The most beautiful beach called Rejem – is as matter of fact surrounded by mountains emerged from sea, but during the top of season is hardly possible to find a free piece of beach. Bali’s landscapes are extremely differ, there are beautiful beaches, lowlands and picturesque mountain lakes in the midest of top of the peaks. Indonesia is one of the most interesting and the biggest place to dive on the globe. Bali is located in the middle of archipelago, so that it is a perfect place to start dive – there is differ bottof of the sea topography, so that it is worth to see it. Indonesia is still one of the most mysterious and pathless places. It is consider the best place to dive. Beginning of comercial, underwater activity in this country are known for only 20 years, so that new places to dive are still discovered. They are really amazing. In this climatic zone underwater fauna and flora are really lush, and fans of discovering its wealtch can dive in clear, blue water discovering secrets of shipwrecks. It is believed, that there are about 10%-20% of incorrupt by civilization coral reef in the whole Indonesian archipelago. Bali Diving are really fantastic here-beautiful, colorful reef inhabited by plenty of fish species and crustaceans, because of undiscoverd caves and plenty of shipwreck it is a huge entertainment for diving fans. Southern coast offer perfect conditions to surf-the best surrounded places are Sanur, Kuta i Denpasar. This beautiful, green island offer rich back of equipment and places to spend nights for diving lovers. Around Bali diving are plenty of dive places, from steeply walls around Manjungan island with transparent up to 50 meters, through famous Tulamben at the foot of Gunung Agung volcano with black volcanic coast and famous all over the world SS Liberty shipwreck from World War Two, to dive in sea stream near Nusa Penida, where sea streams reach speed up to 4 knots. Amazing places to dive, delightful richness of fauna and flora are also in Padang Bai, in the vicnity of Nusa Penida island. In the waters around Bali live rare specimen of fish called Sunfish.

Curacao Diving

Curacao is one of the tropical island of Duth Antilles archipelago. It is situated on Carribbean Sea near the West coast of Venezuela. There is tropical climat on Curcao, ease by north-eastern trade winds. Island is also famous for Curacao liqueur. Tourism is expanding well here. Temming with life coral reef, multitude of fauna and flora, and crystalline clear water make this place perfect to dive. Visibility in water amounted up to 50 meters. Impression after stay on this island remains unforgettable. In coastal water you can encounter with going round and round enormous dasyatidae, which activity attract not only divers, but also nosy horse mackerel. It is possible to meet shark and beautiful, varied types of fish. Offers for divers are very big.

There are over 100 diving places, 60 of them are situated in the coastal zone, and most of them are available from land. The biggest impression are deliverd by underwater park located in southern Curacao, between Princess Beach Resort and eastern edge of island. In this curacao diving paradise you can find hotel Habitat Curacao with diver base and wonderful artificial reef, where you can get after massive wooden bridge ended by stable stairs. In Curacao waters occured snaills represent by varied forms, more or less colorful representative of local invertebrate fauna. Here reef distinguish splendour various underwater specious-from corals, through fabulous, colorful kinds of fish and other creatures. Size of some barracudas encoruage to take some photos. Huge, colorful clusters of fish, full of grace gorgons, vivids lionfishes, big spiny lobsters, nosy apogons called cardinalfishes use clever camuflage composed of yellow and red strips to hide on a coral background. It inflict, that curacao diving here is really wonderful experience. It is worth to see Willemstad port. Big, green muraenidae live here. In hotel complex Curacao diving base Ocean Encounters is built-in, which few time per day expeditions composed of big ocean-going boats are organised to nearby diving places in the open waters. It is an opportunity to hire all diving equipment. Interesting destinations of this expeditions are shipwreck for example: Tow-Boat or Superior Producer. First of them is not too big – it is an wreck of tugboat, that lays in the Caracas Bay. It is unprecedented beautiful and is situated 10 meters underwater. Second one is fully overgrown by corals and it is the most interesting object on the whole Caribbean.

Hawaii Diving

Hawaii is one of the most isolated archipelago situated on Pacific Ocean. These islands, 2000 kilometers away from coast, are inseparatable part of United States. It is perfect place to rest with wonderful climate and comfort conditions. Besides opportunity spend comortable holidays, archipelago offer also a lot of attraction for tourists with lust for real adventure. Dozens of islands, attols of volcanic orgin extended for almost 2500 kilometers. The most important of them are Oahu with capitol in Honolulu, Hawaii, Maui,Kahoolawe, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai, Niihau. Hawaii are called the Aloha State or rainbow state – first of all because of azure ocean water surround sand beaches. Island is even more exotic because of active volcano, beautiful green valleys, waterfalls and picturesque steep clifs.

These island are also famous for interesting places to dive. Local coral reef teeming with life and is amazing place for photographers and rare animals trackers. There are lot of fauna and flora species. Hawaii are also famous for whales, which can be observe especially during winter. Kilometers if flawlesss reef, tropical fishes, so that it is obvious that Hawaii are on the top of the list of places, which divers want to visit. There are perfekt conditions to dive for experienced divers and novice amatours. There is ideal, comprehensive back to dive. Unique sea animals, colorful reef, amazing visibility, and profesional places to hire eqipment and school, where you can buy lessons. One of attraction, which Hawaii offer are lasted for 5 hour voyage from Maalaea marina to famous sunken Molokini crater, where you can get by catamaran, and everyone are eqipped with mask, tube and flippers, so you can swim with tube at will. In Hanauma bay on Oahu underwater fauna has developed especially corals, and along with them whole group of animals and plants. For them reef are wonderful, natural shelter. One of the biggest rarity of voyage is opportunity to take part in hawaii diving both classical with cylinder and snuba diving.Snuba is little pontoon with bottle of compressed air, which are connected to several people supervised by instructor. Bottom of the sea are coverd with corals of various types. There are far more shapely and colorful, but Hawaiian reef delighed with its richness of fish. They are attract our attention. Yellow, blue, pink and black, dotted and striped, besides black sea uchins with red, thick and blunt spikes, which look like pencils. Exotic views, unique specimens of fauna and flora delighted visitors of unterwater travels.

Egypt Diving

Egypt is an Arab country situated in north-eastern Africa, on Mediterranean Se, between Libya, Israel. The most popular places are big health resort like Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh and smaller, but also attractive places – Asuan, Dahab, El Gouna i Luxor. These places are famous for possibility to practise water sports. Fans of this kind of sport could go water skiing, drive scooter and motorboat, or dive and admire variegated coral reef and underwater life. One of the attraction here is voyage to Coral Island-Giftun with opportunity to hire eqipment (flippers, mask, tube). During voyage unique underwater world of Red Sea diving could be admired. There is an opportunity to try snorkelling ( diving with mask, tube and flippers) and see underwater coral gardens, fishes and see animals.

By now Sharm el Shaikh is the most important holiday place in the basin of Aqabq bay. Sharm is also world Mekka for diving fans, because of underwater park Ras Muhamed. There is an offer to dive with sharks in Shark’a Bay or evening quad’s ride by the moon glow. It is worth to see Moses mountain, wchich is situated next to hotel in St. Catarine. It is recommended for diving fans. Red Sea is full of various species of plants and animals, wchich can’t be find elsewhere all over the world. Diving infrastructure in Egypt are hundrets of luxury, fast boats started everyday from ports to diving.. Warm, clear water and richness of nature world under the surface of sea cause, that a lot of people started their adventure with diving right here. Egypt diving attract not only recreational divers but also technical divers (topography of sea bottom abound with plenty of depth for example Blue Hole in Dahab), and also underwater-photographers, treasure-seekers and hydrobiologists. It is possible to dive with dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and see one of the most famous shipwreck in the world – Thistlegorm, see coral reef by the Tiran island. Diving between drifting corals and friendly sharks are really joyful and exciting. This lagoon is popular place to snorkelling. Plenty of places to dive and exquisite underwater world cause, that Egypt is unique – worth to visit and dive into water surrounded its coast.

Mexico Diving

Mexico is a country in North America, that border on USA (from the North), and Guatemala and Belize from the South. From the West its territory is limited by Pacific Ocean, and from the East by the Caribbean sea and Mexican Bay. It is very diverse country. Tourists travel to Mexico by diffrent reasons. One of them for desert, burned by the sun landscapes, huge mountain rages and active volcano, the other one for nature: jungle full of animals or surrounding Oceans teeming with life. On the ranking lists, one of the best place to dive all over the world – often situated in the first ten item – is Cozumel. It has only one but extremly nice city San Miquel de Cozumel, jungle where trance of ancient civilization of Maya and – what is most important – the best acces to second from the top biggest coral reef in the world!

Add fine dive infrastructure, impressive packet of 15 dives during 6 days, hotel base, delicious cuisine, smiling inhabitants and accessible price. The best time to dive is from April to July, the best visibility, calm sea, higher air temperature, no heavy showers. Good time is also from December to February. The worst time is from September to October. There are the best cave diving in the world in Juktan, where underground rivers and caves with clear water offer divers unlimited visibility in significant depth. There are such richness of coral and fish of Carbieean in the surrounding reefs and in nice temperature. With a bit of luck between half of June and September whale sharks can be found. Dive in The Cortez Sea guarantee superb adventure and opportunity to meet huge fish. Sharks and manaties on the Socorro islands are almost certain. During safari even sea lions can be admire. There is Ortuga reef on the Riviera coast, where turtles can be observe. Canion Land is a place distintive beautiful landscapes of underwater canions. Coral reef is in very good virgin condition. The other one, worth to visit by divers place is Cedam Caves – many varied sea caves, where over the reef little fish like Blue Tang, French Angelfish, Grunt, Queen Triggerfish can be observed. It is also perfekt place for night diving. It is worth to see shipwreck of sunken in 1995 military ship, that lay in the depth of 20-30 meters. Cenote Dos Ojos is hidden in the jungle cave composed of long tunnels, full of stalagmite and stalactite. All attractions offer in Mexico diving are amazing and worth to see surly.

Palau Diving

The Republik of Palau is a country situated in the Pacific Ocean between Indonesia and Philippines. It is including over 200 islands compose with coral reef and volcanic rocks. It is one of the most spectakular place to dive all over the world, with various difficulity levels. It is called the first miracle. Hundreds of egzotic species of plants and animals living in intact reef, vertical walls, underwater tunnels connect inlands lakes with oceans, where live rare species of jellyfishes, anemones and soft coral, it cause, that it is really paradise. Visibility underwater is even 40 meters depending on season. In rainy months (from September to November) visibility is only 15-30 meters because of sediment flowing from islands to Ocean. Water temperature during year is on stable level 27-29 centrigrade.

The island of Palau is a fascinating place for diving fans because of wrecks of warships, seaplanes, planes from World War II, which can be find in the depth. There are also perfect conditions for sharks fans. You can also find whale shark and salty water crocodile, but to see these incredible animals you will need a bit of luck. However gray reef sharks prowling here in packs of 30-40 members. You can find them during all dives. Huge gorgons and big protruding for 1,5 meter soft corals with white, purplish red, purple color can be found in Palau diving. Often you can meet turtles, muraenidae, humphead wrasse and even sea snakes. The most interesting places to dive on Palau are Jellyfish Lake on Eil Malk island. Only jellyfish live in this lake. It is deffinitly a place, that must be seen. Moreover Blue Corner – triangular cape with flat top, where lush grow soft corals. There is amazing abundance of underwater world, dozens to unique sharks hunting on hunreds fish of several types. There are Blue Holes near – four “holes” in the reef. Situated in close distance chimneys with 3 meters deep. It lead to huge underwater cave, where you can admire stalactite hunging down from the ceiling formed from corals. 30 meters underwater sandy beach can be found, you can meet them slipping coral sharks. Other places, which are worth to see are New Drop Off, Trutle Cove, Siaes Tunnel, Ulong Channel. Fabulous conditions here in this region attract plenty of underwater diving fans. Such diverse of fauna and flora in one place can be find nowhere else all over the world. For amatours of this sports it is first place, that must be seen.

Tenerife Diving

Tenerife is the biggest and the most beautiful island from the Canary Island. It has very diverse landscape. Wonderfull flower gardens and neat green parks are blended into rocky mountains. There are mild climate all the time in Tenerife. You can find beaches with the marvellous, calm coves in the South of Tenerife, however the North coast are full of steep shore and green countryside. Extended, long beaches encourage to bask and to go for a walk along the beach, they also offering a lot of attraction to spend time in active way. They are also offering windsurfing, seafaring, parachuting, water skies, motorboats trips, but the most popular are diving school. There are perfect conditions here. In the clear ocean water, in the depth of ocean you can see dolphins-water around Canary Island are famos from this.

There are also wonderful coral reef, it is worth to try dive into shipwreck, underwater caves and coral underwater gardes. Unforgettable experience guarantee !! Tenerife Diving conditions are proper not only for experienced diver, but also for beginner fans of this sport. There are dozens of tenerife diving schools all over the island, where you can hire proper equipment and use ship with glassed bottom in order to go underwater near coast and admire beautiful, colourful bottom of the Ocean filled with little animals that live there. Plenty of fauna and flora in this region is really impressive. There are diffrent types of sea devils, sea tourtles, colourful, tropical fishes, sometimes you can even meet shar! Probably the most interesting underwater trip is escapade around Tenerife and Lanzarote. It is worth to see precincts of Los Gigants, where high cliffs protect against wind and high waves don’t disturb in diving. Trip to the precints of Farema, where rocky walls are coverd by coral and colony of octopuses lived there. Tenerife are also famous from sea rezerwations. It is necessary to see them! These all atractions, perfekt conditions to dive, beautiful sunny weatcher, exclusive hotels, and unforgettable landscapes guarantee a marvelous holidays for fans of this wonderful sport.

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