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In the past, this heavenly paradise belonged to South Sulawesi. However, a couple of years ago the government decided to create West Sulawesi and name…

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Southern Sulawesi province is located in the southern peninsula of Sulawesi. Makassar, is the capital of South Sulawesi, and also Sulawesi’s largest city. There are…

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Moalboal may appear to be a sleepy hamlet but it is a great place which attracts divers from all over the world. It extends from…

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Divers love the waters around Anilao because it is a cornucopia of incredible marine life, dominated by an amazing variety of corals and colourful fishes….

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Threat Komodo National Park

Learn more about the various threats to the Komodo National Park’s biodiversity.

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Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park is a World Heritage Site and a UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

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Hong Kong Travel

Hong Kong is where East and West meet.

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China Travel

China is a large country with many various excellent travel destinations. Sucba divers should head to Sanya.

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Singapore Resort World

Singapore is the perfect city to visit for relaxing, food and having fun.

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Laos Travel

The tourism industry has grown at a fast pace in Laos starting from the early 1990s. There are ancient temples and relics of the Buddhist…

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Cambodia Travel

Angkor Wat is one of the wonder of the world and a magnet for tourists.

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Vietnam Travel

Vietnam offers a variety of city life, landscape, beaches, wildlife and culture.

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Oman Travel

World class diving, superb scenery, great entertainment and international resort facilities – Oman has all the right ingredients for a perfect diving holiday.

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If you want to go scuba diving, Semporna does not offer you many possibilities, but you can easily reach one of the best diving sites in the world.

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Pom Pom Island

The people at Pom Pom island are eager to show you everything about diving, since the island and those around it are world renowned for scuba diving conditions.

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Travelling in Costa Rica is great.

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Brazil is a vibrant, colorful and exciting country featuring a welcoming culture and beautiful natural heritage. Scuba divers visiting Brazil will be pleased to know…

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Kenya’s cultural mosaic is Africa in miniature, with almost every main African tongue spoken and over forty distinct ethnic groups.

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Travelling in Papua New Guinea is great.

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Fiji Islands

Fiji boasts a range of fantastic dive sites set in crystal clear waters. Many divers choose to take advantage of the stunning scenery above the water too, with white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see and a range of great holiday resorts to choose from.

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Kota Kinabalu, in earlier times, was originally known as the town of Jesselton. The town was destroyed during the second world war, and transformed into…

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Situated at the south central region of Sabah, the Maliau Basin Conservation, or commonly known as “The Lost World,” is just one of Sabah’s abundant…

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Borneo Travel

Malaysia’s booming attraction includes two of its exotic provinces where you’ll be amazed with its awesome natural wonders: Sabah and Sarawak. Borneo is gifted with…

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Situated 40 km away from the North-Eastern coast of Sabah, the Turtle Islands are small islands located near Sandakan and resting in the tremendous sea…

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A dose of wildlife adventure to Tabin Wildlife Reserve will definitely take you to a thrilling escapade as you get in touch with its rich…

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Sabah is considered as Malaysia’s second largest state with an estimated area of 76 000 square km. Looking in the map, the place can be…

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Mainly known as a rainforest jungle, the Danum Valley is an isolated area faraway from human habitation. Borneo, a large island where Danum is located,…

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Travelling in United States is great.

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Travelling in Sri Lanka is great.

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Travelling in South America is great.

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Travelling in Polynesia is great.

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Travelling in the Pacific is great.

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New Zealand is the home of adventure activities, and the underwater offerings remain true to this. Divers can experience a number of great wreck sites as well as deep wall dives surrounded by large numbers of big pelagic species.

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Travelling in the Middle East is great.

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Scuba diving in Japan is as unique as the country itself. The many islands vary hugely, but all have one thing in common: great scuba diving opportunities. There are a number of pristine reefs to explore as well as the underwater mystery of the Iseki stones. First discovered in 1987 and still unexplained, this area could be the site of an ancient civilization. Divers may also encounter hammerheads and manta rays nearby.

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Travelling in Europe is great.

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Travelling in Central America is great.

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Take one look at a postcard for the Caribbean Islands and you’re sure to understand why divers flock to these islands year after year. The magnificent turquoise waters are just as beautiful beneath the surface as they are on top, with a variety of tropical marine life to be seen.

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Travelling in Canada is great.

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Scuba Diving in Africa

Africa is one of the premier scuba vacation destinations.

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The Whitsundays boast an impressive group of 74 stunning islands relatively close to the Outer Great Barrier Reef. With unmatched beauty available both above and below the water, divers won’t know where to spend more of their time – on the magnificent beaches or taking in the kaleidoscope of colours on display below the water’s surface.

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The SS Yongala wreck is easily one of the best wreck dive sites in Australia and is easily accessed by boat or liveaboard from Townsville. The nearby Magnetic Island is also very popular with divers, and for good reason!

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When looking to access the superb dive sites of the Outer Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas is a popular base for many divers. The Agincourt Ribbon Reefs boast some of the most pristine and healthy ecosystems throughout the whole reef environment and are sure not to disappoint.

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There’s never a dull moment at Ningaloo Reef off the west coast of Australia. Dolphins, mantas, turtles and migrating whales are just some of the magnificent creatures divers have the chance to spot, not to mention the odd-looking dugong. The reef is considered by many to be one of the best areas to meet a massive whale shark up close in its natural habitat. Smaller fish of the tropical variety can also be expected, including small critters.

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