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As a tourist in Bali, most of us never heard of Amed. No wonder, this place is located at the north-east side of Bali. It is a long stretch of coast running from the village of Cucik to 14 km eastwards. Amed is the most recent tourist development area in Bali. Most people go diving in Amed to see the USS Liberty wreck at Tulamben, but besides Tulamben, there are also other good dive sites close at hand.

To reach Amed you need more than two hours drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. A taxi service to Amed is simply available at the airport. The tariff is usually around Rp. 400.000, quite expensive because of the destination is quite far, so it is better for you to have a reservation with your resort that can send a car to pick you up and take you to their hotel/resort. It is more comfortable in your side because you do not have to spend more money and they already know the destination, so all you can do is sit in the car and enjoy the view of Bali.

If you are going backpacked and have budget on your trip, you can take the shuttle bus from Candidasa and Lovina named Perama. It is operates shuttle buses from Padang Bai or Candidasa all the way to Amed. The price is Rp. 125.000 for min 2 people. Perama departs twice a day in 9.30 AM and 2 PM, and return only once a day in 11 AM. There is no Perama office in Amed, so you have to buy your return ticket in Padang Bai or Candidasa. Also because the return schedule is only once a day, make sure you do not miss it or you will have to wait the other day.

Nowadays, Amed is recognized as the best place in Bali to learn free-diving. When you go diving in Bali, you can not only dive with fully equipment, but you can also dive without them. It is called free-diving, some kind of breath-hold diving. Specifically in Jemeluk Bay, due to its deep coral walls and lack of strong currents.

When you go diving in Amed after a heavy rain, beware because the water from the run-off can reduce your visibility in the water. If you dive in Gili Selang, you will meet more than 30 kinds of coral reef. With the horizontal and vertical visibility around 20-25 meters, you will definitely feel satisfied when exploring these areas.

In Jemeluk, you will see many of sea fans and soft corals grown up in this area. If you are lucky, you can also meet the pygmy seahorses. Jemeluk is suitable for beginner divers. Most seen coral fish in Jemeluk is Butterfly, Cardinal, Damselfish, Anthias, Trigger and Puffer. In the depth of 30-40 meters, you can see the Blue Spotter Stingray. Bunutan Reef’s underwater view is dominated by sponges and sea fan. With low current, you can see the Garden Eel, Reefsharks and the Blue Spotted Stingray.

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