Borneo Travel Guide

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Malaysia’s booming attraction includes two of its exotic provinces where you’ll be amazed with its awesome natural wonders. Rafflesia flower, one of its boasted areas, is as gifted as the Gulung Mulu and Mount Kinabalu, all possessing a bountiful nature as well as providing a huge home for a number of endangered wildlife, including the orang-utan, clouded leopard, and the famous proboscis monkey.

Situated within the world’s third largest island, Sarawak is considered a home for the generous Dayak people where you will be welcomed through their traditional longhouses. The place is renowned for being the “Land of the Hornbill” and houses a huge rainforest plus a splendid coastline. Kuching is known as the capital city of the place where you can find enticing beaches, as well as a population rich with a mixture of different races, such as Malay, Indian,and Chinese.

Famous for being the “Land Below the Wind,” the land of Sabah rests along the northern area of Borneo where the huge South China Sea can be seen at its west direction, and at the east is the vast oceans of Celebes and Sulu Seas. Endowed with beautiful caves, mountains, colorful coral reefs and abundant rainforests, Sabah is truly the perfect place to spend for great adventures. The capital city of Sabah, Kota Kinabalu, is a resemblance of a typical city with nightlife and markets. The place provides an ideal start for rainforest as well as sea explorations.

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