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China is so vast that covering it in one trip is almost impossible. Starting from its heritages like the Great Wall of China and dragon dances and Buddhist temples, to its high-tech modern buildings and factories, it is a rich platter than the land puts in front of its visitors.

Beijing, the capital of the country, is the right place to begin the sightseeing. The Ming Tombs near Beijing is an emperors’ burial complex, and the Summer Palace with its Longevity Hill and central Kunming Lake is a collection of gardens and palaces and other buildings. Those who have time will even enjoy seeing the bustling villages and their hardworking people.

Traveling in China

Because of the size of China, and possible language barriers in some places, a planned tour is strongly advised to cover as many places of interest as possible, and to have proper accommodation and sightseeing arrangements.

If you have a tour escorted by a guide, you are bound not to miss important landmarks, historical monuments, natural wonders, heritage and memorial sites, and the right photo points.

There are package tours of all types designed especially for convenience, whether choosing to travel alone, as a couple, or as a group. Sightseeing tours and accommodation and transportation are often included in the packages.

Scuba Diving in China?

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