Danum Valley Travel Guide

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Mainly known as a rainforest jungle, the Danum Valley is an isolated area faraway from human habitation. Borneo, a large island where Danum is located, is popular for its wide diversity of plants and wildlife and is inhabited with rare animals facing near extinction, including the Benteng Elephant, Bornean Gibbon, Sumatran Rhino, Clouded Leopard, and Leaf Monkey, as well as the Orangutan and Proboscis Monkey.

Danum Valley is also considered as one of the best places to take a view of the wildlife because of the presence of these rare species. Also, more than 275 different species of birds has been classified in the place which are profoundly extensive. The wildlife abundance of the place invited several Malaysian and foreign field scientists to conduct both international and local scientific studies of its ecosystem. Several Dutch and American companies provided the funds necessary to conduct a study on plant enrichment as well as the impact of logging techniques. Some of the facilities present in the remote area are the canopy observation platform, a few inns, and the suspension bridge at Sungai Segama.

The forest of Danum Valley Field Centre is being surrounded by Dipterocarp trees with a 70-meter canopy covering the area. The lowland dipterocarp forest fills the 90% of the Conservation Area while the 10% remaining are classified as lowland canopy, sub-montane forest.

With an accommodation provided at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge or at the Danum Valley Field Center, a visit in Danum Valley can provide you an opportunity to experience several activities, such as visiting an ancient Dusun burial site where you can have a sight with the ceramic spirit jars, as well as the belian coffins.

Guests will be amazed with the rich stories of legends and myths in the burial caves, as well as their beliefs in powerful spirits. The three burial sites in Danum Valley were famous after its discovery at the Field Centre and at a cliff that dominates the Borneo Rainforest Lodge. You can also get the chance to enjoy the jacuzzi pool as you trudge your way down the area. Options for an adventurous hike in the wilds while being accompanied with naturalists can also be enjoyed where the bountiful nature can be explored.

Visitors can appreciate the abundance of bird life in the forest through the 170-meter canopy walkway. A night drive through the wildlife is also an exciting escape. If you want some water adventures, you can visit the beautiful waterfalls and rivers in Danum Valley Conservation Area. The 20-meter waterfall featuring 7-tiered pools can be found along Gunung Danum which can be reached with a four-hour hike from the Field Centre. Visitors can also enjoy an overnight camping. Other fantastic experiences you can gain in your stay at Danum include an enjoyable evening presentation of the wildlife, a jungle wildlife trek where you can observe the wild orang-utan habitat, and the chance to take wildlife photography. A three-day stay at Danum is usually recommended so you can catch a perfect view of the wildlife.

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