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Eilat is a resort city in southern Israel, well-known for its snorkeling and diving spots. Its waters are calm, shores are golden, the sunshine is profuse, and there are plenty of bars, restaurants, and other partying and entertainment options for tourists.

Beaches of Eilat

North Beach of Eilat, where beach beds and chairs available for a small fee, is ideal for swimmers. Towards the southern beaches, there are superb coral reefs and these beaches are more suited for scuba diving and snorkeling.

What to do in Eilat

Eilat is an excellent place for scuba diving, kite surfing, and snorkeling. The Coral Beach Nature Reserve near the southern beaches is one of the best of its kind in the world. Another attraction is an Underwater Observatory, accessible through a wooden bridge. You can have fantastic views of grand coral reefs, brightly-colored fishes, and the majestic Red Sea through the glass walls of the observatory.

The ecological site named Dolphin Reef is a place where you can see Dolphins mating, feeding, and interacting with each other in their natural habitat. It is a facility for taking care of sick or wounded dolphins.

The Negev Desert near Eilat abounds with hiking trails that wind through places of stunning natural beauty. There are package tours where guides will take you through terrains that are difficult to access, or you can restrict your visits to places like Red Canyon and Timna National Park which are easily accessible.

Cruising in the Red Sea from Eilat Marina in the direction of Egypt can be a fascinating experience. Some of these cruises stop midway and allow passengers to snorkel in the Red Sea while others allow you to just relax and enjoy the sunshine and the sights of coastal Eilat and Aqaba. From the vessel, you will be able to see shoals of scintillating fishes and majestic coral reefs gliding below in the water.

Restaurants in Eilat

Eilat may be a small city but its food and dining options are not small. The majority of its restaurants are along the promenade and there is a boardwalk along the beach with rows of restaurants, shops, and fast food joints. There are plenty of budget restaurants serving local falafel and shawarma, bigger ones serving European and Asian food at reasonable prices, and high-end hotels that specialize in international cuisine.

How to reach Eilat

Traveling by air:

Most tourists use Ben Gurion Airport, located near the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv, to enter the country. They can take domestic flights from Tel Aviv to Eilat and any other place of interest in Israel that they may be planning to visit.

However, there is another airport called Ovda Airport, located about 60 km north of Eilat. This is an international airport connected to many cities like Paris, London, Zurich, Frankfurt, Moscow, Amsterdam, etc. Those who choose to enter the country through Ben Gurion airport can then travel onward to Eilat by bus or fly to Eilat airport or Ovda Airport from which taxis and air-conditioned shuttles are available.

Traveling by road:

The distance from Tel Aviv to Eilat is around 360 km and driving time is about 5 hours.

Moving around in Eilat

Taxis are available aplenty and tourists rely mainly on them to get around the city. Many suburbs of Eilat and the southern beaches are served by buses of the Israeli transportation company named Egged Cooperative. When it is not too hot, you can walk around the city without difficulty, especially in central Eilat.

Scuba diving in Eilat

There are dive centers in the town that train novice as well as seasoned divers. Red Sea diving is done from Liveaboards, Sinai diving safari, Tiran etc, and there are special courses to help divers to get the maximum benefit out of all these dive spots.

Best time to visit Eilat

Eilat is warm most of the year and hot in summer. July and August can be called peak seasons because these are the months when Eilat is crowded. But both are very hot months. The crowd is because it is holiday season in Israel and people tend to travel a lot. May and October are less hot and less crowded, thus making them the ideal months for visitors.

Scuba Diving in Eilat?

Check out our Eilat dive guide and start planning your next dive trip!

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