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Flores serves a variety of attractions that will never be inexhaustible. You can swim in the oceans or in the clear of blue lakes and even dive at one point of the spectacular underwater in 50 places. You can explore the mysterious caves and if you come to the village, you will be warmly welcomed by the local community rituals. Flores Island surrounded by white sandy beaches, there are even pink sandy beaches. Under the sea you will find one of great and exotic underwater lives in the world. It will take you to meet some big manta rays, dolphins, and mermaids. For a certain time, you can see migrating whales through the east coast of Flores. Diving in Flores will give you unforgettable experience.

Labuan Bajo is a beautiful small harbor at the western of the island of Flores. It is the entrance to the Park and is other wonder of the island of Flores. In Labuan Bajo you will find agents dive operators, motor boats, and live-boards to take you to the Park. You can also dive there. Marine life is so beautiful and still unspoiled.

There are other dive sites that are definitely stunning. One of them is Maumere. As the name implies, it is located in the Bay of Maumere, East Flores. Maumere is the largest town in Flores Island. Coming to this place, you will not only meet friendly residents of Maumere, but also see wonderful underwater inhabitants. There are many beautiful reefs with colorful fish. Not only that, Maumere Bay also offers a diversity of marine life that probably you rarely encounter. You can swim with tiny sea horses. You can dive in the company of variety sea animals. Well, if you are lucky, you can also meet a variety of shellfish, such as oysters pearl. It will give you the best diving experience ever.

Seventeen marine parks in Riung are located approximately at 70 km north of Bajawa City, the capital Ngada, Bajawa, Flores Island. The seventeen natural attractions in Riung Island are clusters of small and large islands. The total number there is 17, it means, there are seventeen islands in this area. These islands include 17 islands in Riung, which are safe sea that has extraordinary beauty. In the park, tourists can see the beauty beneath the sea plus the white sand that is still kept clean by people and local residents. The seventeen islands include Wire Island, Sui, Taor, Tembaga, Tiga, Bampa, Meja, Rutong, Patta, Halima, Besar, Lainjawa, Kolong, Dua, Ontole, Borong, dan Pau Island.

Diving is a very pleasant and enjoyable sport. This activity is not only good for health, but also to calm the mind and for inner satisfaction. Indonesia, especially Flores is a place for exotic diving activities in Indonesia. There are so many and varied kinds of sea animals in the underwater world of Flores. You can come to several dive locations that are the best sites from your view. So, diving in Flores must be very interesting.

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