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Anyone who says that east and west cannot meet, has not seen Hong Kong because here the two not only meet but flow into each other. The place has heritage locations dominated by Buddhist temples, museums with varying themes, and the fantastic Victoria Peak from where tourists can literally peek at the whole of Hong Kong. Victoria Peak is a high tower full of shops and diners and museums but also doubles as a high observation point.

While there is plenty for Hong Kong’s visitors throughout the year, Hong Kong will be far more attractive if visited during festival times like the Chinese New Year day when there will be additional entertainments.

Traveling in Hong Kong

Guided walking tours that let the tourists absorb the essence of Hong Kong have always been part of tourist itineraries in Hong Kong. There are many tour packages that will let you absorb the full spectrum flavors of Hong Kong.

Choose between half day tour that may just skim through the city but will still include its main tourist attractions, or a full day one which will cover more interesting spots. Whether it is just Harbor Cruise that you need or a lengthier trip, all can easily be accommodated it into your schedule.

Scuba Diving in Hong Kong?

Check out our Hong Kong dive guide and start planning your next dive trip!

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