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Kenya’s cultural mosaic is Africa in miniature, with almost every main African tongue spoken and over forty distinct ethnic groups. Kenya is one of the only places in Africa where you can watch a lion-kill in the morning, then drift over coral reefs in a glass-bottomed boat off tropical Mombasa in the afternoon.

Diving in Kenya

Along the entire Kenyan coast stretches a vast fringing coral reef protected from overfishing and development in many places by Marine Park laws. Parts of this reef have been visibly damaged by el Nino, however, rumours of slack policing within the Marine Parks is another possible contributing factor. But even in the affected areas, once you get past 10m depth there lies a wealth of colourful hard and soft corals together with a tremendously diverse marine fauna. The positive signs of regrowth are definately in place. Don’t arrive expecting boundless landscapes of luxurious coral carpeting draped over the seabed. A fringing reef tends to stretch along a coastline and is mainly patchy areas of coral with some stunningly active coral heads teeming with life.

If you’re looking for the big blue experience, dramatic walls, with a constant 30m visibility and large pelagics on every dive, you will be dissappointed. Whalesharks can be spotted in the season but not often. If you can accept that these encounters are rare, and you are interested enough to content yourself with ‘smaller’ reef life, Kenya has much to offer.

Perhaps it is your starting point already, but combining your diving adventure with a safari to one of the beautiful national parks such as the Masai Mara is an absolute must.

East Africa has a lot to offer if you like nature. The incredible topside and underwater adventures are sure to provide you with an exhilarating and enriching experience that will create a lifetime of memories

Location of Kenya

Larger than Germany, equatorial Kenya has five neighbours and three major water bodies, the azure Indian Ocean, Lake Victoria and Lake Turkana.

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Scuba Diving in Kenya?

Check out our Kenya dive guide and start planning your next dive trip!

Ashley August 12, 2017

Want to get a quote of the amount for the overland struck and 12 seater shuttle


Christopher September 03, 2017

Could I book a 1st class berth for two people on the Jambo Kenya Deluxe from Nairobi to Mombasa.


vannier September 04, 2017

We would to make a reservation for train tickets Nairobi to Monbasa with the lunatic express



Dimitri September 04, 2017

Would it be possible to book 2 tickets from Nairobi to Mombassa for the eleventh of september?

Thank you,
Yours faithfully,



Professor Desta Mebratu September 18, 2017

I wish to make a booking for a couple for a trip on Jambo Kenya Deluxe for Sunday 24 September.


Cordula September 22, 2017

Dear Sirs,

we like to travel by train from Nairobi to Mombasa on Friday, the 27th of October. When is the train leaving nairobi and when will we arrive? Is there a nighttrain?
Please informe me about the time table that we can decide, which train we want to use.
We are two adults and two children, age 8 and 10. We like two book than two first class cabins. Is that possible at your travelagency?

Thank you,




Elijah September 26, 2017

Hi, I am lookinf to hire prados, 15 of them or more for an organization based in Nairobi.

Kind regards,



Fannie September 30, 2017


I would like to book a ticket for the train in january. Can you please help me?

All the best,

mrs. Fannie


George October 10, 2017

Require an overland truck this Saturday


Brian October 13, 2017

To whom it may concern

Can you pleae give me a price on hire of an overland truck for 8.5 months. We will not require a driver and the truck will be traveling through a vast amount of countries (moroƧco down the coast to capetown south africa then back up to cairo egypt through botswana kenya ect) or do you have any used overland trucks for sale.


William October 16, 2017


We are planning a one-day tree planting and bush fun expedition to a place called Ivovoani Bush Farm, Makueni (110km from Nairobi in April 2018 and possibly October 2018. We will have Kenyan and international green warriors on the trip.

Each participant will pay her own transport. The project must pay for itself.

Event will be in be rainy season. We need a tour bus that can handle off road in mud. Sand trucks make it so 4×4 is not necessary but is welcome if pricing is ok.

What are your charges for the vehicle hire?




Evans October 17, 2017

Ticket for18th, October Mombasa Nairobi


Michel November 04, 2017

Hi guys, I would like to hire the overland truck next year Aug / December. Please advise on the daily rates.


Audrey November 14, 2017


We live in Nairobi (Karen). Looking for a quote for a 4×4 safari vehicle and driver to take us to Nakuru National Park we will be staying at Flamingo Hill Camp leaving early on 27 December and returning on 29 December. We will be 9 people.All fees included




Victor November 16, 2017

Good morning,

I would like to know the availability of a Toyota Land Cruiser on 30th November. Rental and driver only, one day. Destination and purpose: Safari at Nairobi National Park.

Thank you.


Magdalena November 22, 2017

Good morning I would like to know the timetable for the Jambo train from Nairobi please for next December.
Thanks in advance


Rishi November 23, 2017

We would like to hire an overland truck to go to northern Kenya up to Turkana for about 7 days.
How much would a truck cost per day and is fuel and driver inclusive in that cost?
Thank you,


Klaudia November 24, 2017

Hi there,

Would it be possible to buy tickets for 4 people for train from Nairobi to Mombasa on 4th December 2017, second class?

Thanks in advance!


daniel November 25, 2017

please i need a track that can take 16 pax to Mara on 21 – 23thDEC17


hatem November 27, 2017

Dear Sir,

We are looking to hire a 4*4 Prado for one week in December with the following condition:
1. Driving one day from Nairobi to Baringo Lake, 6 days at Baringo lake
the driving back to Nairobi.
2. Car hire quotation per day is to be inclusive of the following:
a. Driver and car on open hours
b. Fuel


calvin December 11, 2017

i would like to book the over night train for two adults and one child who is 10 years old, first class please.


Esteban December 13, 2017

Hi, I saw that you offer to buy train tickets from abroad. I’m looking to get 2 return tickets Nairobi – Mombasa, departure from Nairobi on December 29th and return on January 1st.

Let me know if you offer it, if they’re still tickets available, how to pay you and how will I receive the tickets.

Thanks in advance


leeminsoo December 15, 2017

I want to get JAMBO KENYA DELUXE train from Jan/18/2018 at Nairobi. 2 people Is that abavailable?


Lumina December 15, 2017

TWO tickets from nairobi to Mombasa


Boyd December 16, 2017

Dear mr/mrs,

We would like to book a trainride from Nairobi to Mombasa on 29 or 30 december. Is it possible to book tickets with you? We are with a party of 6 people from Belgium.

Kind Regards,


lee December 18, 2017

I want to reserve train ticket from
Nairobi to Mombasa on Jan/18/2018
Can you show me the time table?


Bruna January 01, 2018

Train: mombasa – nairobi


Chia January 02, 2018

Hello, I would like to book a 1st Class ticket departing Mombasa for Nairobi on the 28th of January. Would this be possible? Thank you


Tim January 05, 2018

I would like to book 2 adults second class onto train (with ferry included) from mombassa to hotel sonrisa just past diani (next to 40 thieves).

Please confirm how to go about doing this.


Bauer January 11, 2018

Please let me have the folloginw infos:
– what is the Taxi price Mombasa tran
station to Nyali Beach? 2 persons


Allen January 13, 2018

Hello, what is the cost for a van a driver for 8 passengers (3 adults, 5 children) for the following days?

5 Feb: Drive Nairobi to Nyeri and stay overnight
6 Feb: Site-see around Nyeri drive to Naivasha an stay overnight
7 Feb: Site-see around Crescent Island and return to Nairobi
8 Feb: Site-see around Nairobi
9 Feb: Site-see around Nairobi, drop-off at NBO Airport



Alfredah January 14, 2018

Picked at the train strong to diani


Vincent January 15, 2018

Quotation for an overlund truck 4 days Nanyuki/Laikipia on an all inclusive rate


steven January 20, 2018

I am a Kenyan in need of an overland truck 26 seater, for a day,please bring me up to speed on your charges


Janet January 21, 2018

Train booking Nairobi to mombasa and to Nairobi agsin


LIDIA January 23, 2018

Good morning!
i would like to receive information about the lunatic express. Could you kindly send me information?


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