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Labuan – The Amazing Island!

Situated in the northern part of Brunei Bay, Labuan is the biggest island of a small archipelago with beautiful sceneries and landscapes that attract tourist from all over the world. Representing a prosperous and still developing international off-shore that lies about 8 kilometers off the coast of Borneo is also a perfect place and an important spot for commerce and business. The island is mainly flat, with great vegetation and a friendly climate all year round. Tourists can arrive to Labuan either by plane, or by comfortable air-conditioned boats.

Labuan island offers a lot of interesting sights and places to visit. Visitors can enjoy some historical places like “World War II Sites” where they can see the graves of the Fallen Heroes, or even participate in an event called “Remembrance Day” that is held in November. Other places worth visiting are “The Bird Park” and “International Sea Sports Complex”, where four interesting events are held usually in May: “Underwater Treasure Hunt”, “Fishing Tournament”, “Cross Channel Swim Challenge” and “Jet Sport Challenge”.

Though Labuan is a duty-free island, eating and shopping is not that cheap here. The local cuisine is truly amazing, especially the sea food. There are some meals that every tourist must try like BBQ chicken wings, coconut pudding and a variety of crab delicacies. Some of the best restaurants are considered to be “Anjung Ketam” with such specialties like crab curry, boiled lobsters and crabs and crabs in butter milk; “Pulau Labuan Restaurant”; “Mawilla Seafood Restaurant” with amazing fish dishes and “Manja Rasa” that is a “all you can eat” style place.

If you are a shopping lover and want to spend some time picking local goods, than you came to the right places on a vacation, because Labuan is a free-duty island, it’s also named the shopping paradise.

Best place to go and spend some money are “Bazaar Labuan” and “Syarikat Teck Siong”. If you are interested in buying fresh seafood, “The Wet Market” situated near “Bazaar” is the best place to go.

Labuan hotels offer several choices to pick from. There are all kind of hotels from mid-priced to splurge ones. If your choice are middle-classed hotels, than a great place to book is “Dorsett Grand Hotel Labuan” with well-arranged rooms and beautiful views over the city. Visitors can enjoy internet access here, swimming pool or fitness center while staying. For business meetings this hotel offers a business center, that is complimented by a banquet facilities. As we mentioned there are and luxurious hotels in Labuan, and one of the best is considered to be “Sheraton Hotel Labuan”. A 5 star Labuan hotel with an impressive amenities package and a friendly multi-lingual staff. 178 well-equipped rooms, and a big choice of great restaurants and cocktail bars will make your holidays unforgettable.

Tourism in Labuan

Labuan is a territory in East Malaysia, a set of islands in the state of Sabah. The capital of it is named Victoria and is famous for being an offshore financial center for international businesses. It has an area of 91.64 square kilometers and a population of 85,000 residents. It is a great attraction for tourists and especially those who come from Sabah and Brunei are attracted by the luxurious Labuan hotels located in the area. Another great attraction of the territory is scuba diving. If you want to spend an exotic vacation in a new and amazing place, Labuan is a great destination. You will have the chance to see the Labuan Island and the other islands that are part of the territory, although they are much smaller: Pulau Burung, Pulau Daat, Pulau Rusukan Besar, Pulau Rusukan Kecil, Pulau Kuraman and Pulau Papan. All the places of Labuan are amazing, as more than 70% of the area is covered with vegetation. There are lots of hotels and resorts to choose from and the offers can fit any budget, so you just have to look the perfect place for you.

Four important attractions of Labuan are wrecks. You can dive to see all of them and most of the tourists try this activity. The Cement Wreck is the first attraction to check, because it is easier to reach. After you have visited it, you can head to the American Wreck of the first USS Salute. Nearby, you can also see the Australian Wreck. Leave the Blue Wreck last, as this is the most impressive and you will know better what is there to do after you have quite an experience from visiting the other three before.

Labuan hotels are wonderful. Most of them offer luxurious conditions although the prices are not very high. If you want to enjoy an exotic holiday, to be pampered and to see beautiful new places, Labuan is perfect. Most of the hotels give you the chance to pick the type of room you want to have. Maybe you want one with a view or maybe you want a quiet one. On the islands, you can have a lot of fun, but you can also rest and enjoy spa treatments. The landscapes are amazing and the attractions of the area are a must see, especially if you are for the first time in Labuan.

Scuba Diving in Labuan?

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