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One of the attractions in Malaysia is the Lankayan Island situated in the popular seas of Sulu and off the coastline of the North-Eastern part of Sabah. It is actually an isolated island with only one resort allowing access to its beautiful beaches.

The captivating beauty of Lankayan not only attracts divers but also anyone who loves to indulge a perfect escapade in a beautiful paradise – alluring white sand beaches with casuarina pines that sways with the cool breeze, and the dramatic view of sunrises and sunsets.

Traveling options are available to reach the island – you can either go for the usual route from Kota Kinabalu International Airport or take a flight from KL on the way to Sandakan via AirAsia. To reach the island, you will have to ride a twin engine boat made of fiber glass. At Sandakan, a boat transfer via the jetty is necessary which will take you a 75-minute trip towards Lankayan Island. Spending a night at KK or Sandakan may be necessary since only one boat transfer towards Lankayan is available everyday, with 10-hour departure from Sandakan.

Covered with abundant tropical vegetation, the small unspoiled island of Lankayan boasts its tall casuarina trees and pandan screwpine which can be found everywhere, as well as a few interesting fauna subjects. A perfect place for relaxation after an enjoyable dive to the sea is also available at the upper lounge where the tourist can have a bird’s eye view of the western beach along with the jetty while taking a sip with a refreshing cool drink. A video record of the day’s adventures can also be viewed at the TV room provided by the resort.

All the fascinating services of a tropical resort can be enjoyed by the tourists at the island of Lankayan in spite of its remoteness. Bungalows made from local timbers perfectly blend to its natural environment. Visitors can also choose to stay in twin or triple bungalows offered in Chalet accommodation. Aside from the hot bath with clean water provided by their RO system, another feature that can make your stay in chalets a relaxing experience is its accessibility to the beach. A 220 V or 110 V power point is also provided in the rooms to recharge your batteries.


Lankayan Island is truly Asia’s best kept secret – a wonderful place for a relaxing vacation and exploration.


The island is considered part of SIMCA, or known as Sugud Islands Marine Conservation Area covering about 46300 ha. in the region. Managed by the Sabah State Wildlife Department together with some private sector representatives, the place was considered a conservation area last December 2001. A management plan is being enforced to the island to conserve its environment, by implementing sustainable use of its natural resources and some environmental tourism rules.

The representatives from SIMCA is also firm with their strictly no fishing policy to ensure that the turtles and their eggs are secured. Also, anchoring of boats in the area is a big no, while the number of tourists and facilities are strictly limited. Waste management as well as methods for recycling is also exercised, while rainwater is collected in selected area for reuse.

The conservation of the environment is a necessity to avoid upsetting the delicate balance of nature – some environmental consultants were selected to help preserve the overall health of the island, specially the island flora. With the continued care of the island, the results provided positive impact which can be seen through its rich natural resources.

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