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The tourism industry has grown at a fast pace in Laos starting from the early 1990s. There are ancient temples and relics of the Buddhist culture all over the country, and there are rainforests and caves and waterfalls for visitors to view and explore. The wild life sanctuaries of Laos protect many endangered species like tiger, gaur, and white-cheeked gibbon, and the oceanic dolphin known as Irrawaddy dolphin is seen in the waters surrounding Laos.

The people are friendly and hospitable, and the scenery of the land is soothing to the eyes. Patouxay Victory Monument, the famous shrine That Luang etc. are some of the major attractions of Laos.

Scuba Diving in Laos?

There is no diving in Laos. Scuba divers can should go to Thailand for some of the best diving in South East Asia!

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