Maliau Basin Travel Guide

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Situated at the south central region of Sabah, the Maliau Basin Conservation, or commonly known as “The Lost World,” is just one of Sabah’s abundant possessions. Covering an area of 588 km, Maliau Basin was governed under the State Cultural Heritage Enactment of1997 with the aim to conserve, preserve, and enhance the cultural inheritance in Sabah.

The name ‘Maliau’ originated from the word milky due to the tannin reflection of the Maliau River, at the same time refers to bowl or basin because of the bowl shape of the river. Borderd by the 1700-meter high cliff, the Maliau Basin extends across 25 km and is covered with nature’s bounty, such as the 12 different types of forest including the unspoiled lowland rainforests, the sub-montane forest, as well as the abundant montane heath forests, plus a number of spectacular waterfalls!

Despite of the strict policies and limited access to the area, the Maliau Basin has not totally closed its doors for tourism. A number of interesting places as well as campsites have been provided for the guests who want to embrace the beauty of Malaiu, with a limited stay of 5 days and 4 nights. Also, a guide is necessary to accompany tourists who want an adventurous exploration to the area.

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