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Menjangan Island is located in Bali Sea, northwest of Bali, just a few kilometers from the north beach of West Bali. Far removed from the touristic crowd in Bali, the unspoiled Menjangan Island offers a view into the uniqueness of Bali. The island is still undeveloped, with nature and marine parks preserving the area, one finds a grand expanse of coconut groves and beautiful ancient temples dotting the landscape. As above the water, the scene below the water is also one of the great spectacles.

Diving in Bali, especially Menjangan island, is a real pleasure with world famous wall diving and for sure the best wall diving around Bali. Diving in Menjangan is also very relaxing with very clear water and mostly light current that is perfect for beginners. More experienced divers will also enjoys this diving site as it gives the possibility to dive deep along the walls and on a great wooden wreck. You can see and experience a great variety of marine life and very beautiful hard and soft coral here. The area of diving site is actually still included into the area of the Bali Barat National Park. Menjangan Island’s Diving site is one of the most protected dive sites in Bali, because any diving activity in this area will bring a risk to the conservation area as a whole.

Menjangan Island is 120 km away from Denpasar, where the International airport Ngurah Rai is located. The nearest city is Gilimanuk, where a ferry from Java Island stationed here. The journey by car from Denpasar can be long, around 3 hours or more depending on the traffic. There is a village in the mainland near Menjangan Island, Permutaran. Then you can reach the diving site from the small harbor of Labuan Lalang, about 20 minutes by car from Permutaran. From there, you have to take a boat for about 30 minute to 1 hour depending on what site you are going to dive at.

Menjangan Island is a really great place with small and medium fish, but you will not see a lot of big pelagic fishes. You can spot blacktip and whitetip reef sharks and manta rays at certain times of the year though. A very nice diving site around Menjangan Island is the Anker wreck. Anker wreck is a 150 year old wooden boat lying on the sea bed around 40 meters deep. Diving in Menjangan is a very good choice for beginners. The current is very light and the visibility is usually very good and can even be outstanding, 50 meters or more. Moreover, you can dive easily on the reef flats around 10 meters deep. The walls and the very colorful and vibrant soft and hard corals offer some beautiful sights to witness.

Menjangan Island, which is located on the northwestern side of Bali, is a place where you can feel the “real” Bali. The area is still quite, unspoiled and undeveloped, making it a great place to visit. The beautiful walls of Menjangan Island offer a chance to relax in surroundings unmatched anywhere else in Bali. Diving in Bali would not be completed without a visit to Menjangan Island.

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