Mooring in the Komodo National Park

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The Komodo National Park Authority recognised the need for permanent moorings in Komodo National Park to safeguard the coral reefs and enhance boat safety. Sponsorship for 10 big boat (including liveaboards) moorings and 14 small boat moorings was raised in 2003 and the moorings installed. Since then the number of boats using the Park has increased considerably and additional moorings are required.

Komodo Moorings

In keeping with Putri Naga Komodo’s mandate to help Komodo National Park ecosystems and natural beauty, and to promote sustainable tourism in the Park, PT. Putri Naga Komodo (PNK) will support the fundraising for a project to install up to 30 permanent moorings in the Komodo National Park. The purpose of these mooring buoys will be to protect the park against anchor damage for tourist boats and to provide save mooring for visiting vessels.

Helen Newman has proposed to implement this project and to raise 50% of the total USD 64,400 to make this happen (project summary). PNK has committed to raise a challenge grant that will match 1:1 all other donations towards this project, therewith covering 50% of the total budget.

The selection of sites will be undertaken in consultation with Park Authorities, harbour master and tourism operators who are utilising the parks facilities and are familiar with the area. Helen Newman has undertaken to source for the additional sponsorship, determine the sites and to install the moorings using an approved environmentally friendly embedded mooring system.

Mooring Buoys in Northeastern Komodo Island

Moorings Northeastern Komodo Island

Mooring Buoys near Labuan Bajo

Komodo Moorings Labuan Bajo

Mooring Buoys in front of Loh Liang Bay

Komodo Moorings Loh Liang Bay

Loh Dasami

Komodo Moorings Loh Dasami

Jenny August 25, 2019

When we purchased our park passes, 740,000 for two people at Rinca, we were informed that park moorings were available on a first come first served basis. Our friends just got evicted from their mooring here at Masakar Reef by a local boat saying that their mooring was private. Is this correct? How are visiting yachts supposed to know who owns the mooring?What do we have to do to secure a mooring? We feel like we have been taken advantage of.


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