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Padang Bai is a lovely village in Manggis, Karangasem, east side of the island of Bali, Indonesia. It serves as a ferry port for travel to other islands such as Gili, Lombok and other of the Lesser Sunda Islands. Padang Bai offers the tourists with beautiful beaches and others tourist attractions. There are also two beaches that are field confinement in the east and the coast to the west Tugel bias. Coastal prairie confinement is a lovely beach which is famous for its beautiful underwater dominated by ornamental fish and colorful soft coral and the presence of a blue lagoon in the middle of beautiful beaches, so the beach is often called blue lagoon beach. While the coast bias Tugel, which is located on the west coast of the main paddock bay, is famous for its beauty sprawling white sand and the sea is blue and clear.

Padang Bai is an ideal location for professional divers. This place is ideal for those who love the beauty of the reef and fish. The stunning natural beauty makes this site worth it to visit. How to get there? It takes about 1.5 hours riding by car from Legian or Kuta to Padang Bai. Some dive sites in Padang Bai can be reached by boat.

Diving in Padang Bai is fun and easy. With soft white sand and marine life of interest in the Blue Lagoon, Mimpang, Tepekong, and Biaha, it makes you cannot resist the urge to dive. The weather plays an important role in determining the condition of the waters here. Waves and ocean currents that change frequently can make a few obstacles in certain weather. There you will meet a lot of numbers of fish, reef sharks and a variety of stingrays, cuttlefish, leafscorpion fish, crocodile fish, and pelagic.

The types of diving that you can choose are snorkeling, reef diving, wall diving, and drift diving. The visibility is about 15-30 meters in the depth of 10-40 meter (recommended dive 18m and below).

The white sand with clear water and one of the best coral reefs in Bali can be found in the Blue Lagoon only. Pairs of fish in this area are so beautiful because this is one area where they had gathered. You can see idol fish, moray snakes, and perhaps also a turtle. Sometimes you can also see reef sharks in this area. The water temperature in Padang Bai is between 19 degrees to 28 degrees depending on the season.

Blue Lagoon is known as Baong Penyu which means turtle’s neck. Blue Lagoon has been a snorkeling and diving site for many years. It has patches of soft corals and hydroid bushes and some bushes of branching sea animals. It is protected and the coral grow unremarkably. However, like the other sites in Bali, Blue Lagoon can offer a number of interesting surprises for divers. They can encounter such marine animals as sharks, octopus, eels, stonefish, and crocodile fish.

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