A dose of wildlife adventure to Tabin Wildlife Reserve will definitely take you to a thrilling escapade as you get in touch with its rich…

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Sabah is considered as Malaysia’s second largest state with an estimated area of 76 000 square km. Looking in the map, the place can be…

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Mainly known as a rainforest jungle, the Danum Valley is an isolated area faraway from human habitation. Borneo, a large island where Danum is located,…

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Travelling in United States is great.

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Travelling in Sri Lanka is great.

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Travelling in South America is great.

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Travelling in Polynesia is great.

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Travelling in the Pacific is great.

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New Zealand is the home of adventure activities, and the underwater offerings remain true to this. Divers can experience a number of great wreck sites as well as deep wall dives surrounded by large numbers of big pelagic species.

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Travelling in the Middle East is great.

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Scuba diving in Japan is as unique as the country itself. The many islands vary hugely, but all have one thing in common: great scuba diving opportunities. There are a number of pristine reefs to explore as well as the underwater mystery of the Iseki stones. First discovered in 1987 and still unexplained, this area could be the site of an ancient civilization. Divers may also encounter hammerheads and manta rays nearby.

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Travelling in Europe is great.

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Travelling in Central America is great.

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Take one look at a postcard for the Caribbean Islands and you’re sure to understand why divers flock to these islands year after year. The magnificent turquoise waters are just as beautiful beneath the surface as they are on top, with a variety of tropical marine life to be seen.

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Travelling in Canada is great.

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Scuba Diving in Africa

Africa is one of the premier scuba vacation destinations.

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The Whitsundays boast an impressive group of 74 stunning islands relatively close to the Outer Great Barrier Reef. With unmatched beauty available both above and below the water, divers won’t know where to spend more of their time – on the magnificent beaches or taking in the kaleidoscope of colours on display below the water’s surface.

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The SS Yongala wreck is easily one of the best wreck dive sites in Australia and is easily accessed by boat or liveaboard from Townsville. The nearby Magnetic Island is also very popular with divers, and for good reason!

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When looking to access the superb dive sites of the Outer Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas is a popular base for many divers. The Agincourt Ribbon Reefs boast some of the most pristine and healthy ecosystems throughout the whole reef environment and are sure not to disappoint.

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There’s never a dull moment at Ningaloo Reef off the west coast of Australia. Dolphins, mantas, turtles and migrating whales are just some of the magnificent creatures divers have the chance to spot, not to mention the odd-looking dugong. The reef is considered by many to be one of the best areas to meet a massive whale shark up close in its natural habitat. Smaller fish of the tropical variety can also be expected, including small critters.

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Easily one of the best diving locations on earth, the Great Barrier Reef is home to an abundance of incredible marine life, pristine coral reefs and unbelievable underwater beauty. For many, the Great Barrier Reef is at the top of their diving bucket list, and for good reason. Some of the many main attractions are Osprey Reef, Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs and many divers choose to explore this natural wonder by liveaboard.

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An island of unique and natural wonders, Christmas Island boasts an impressive number of endemic species. Coral reefs surround the island and some of the longest and most magnificent drop-offs in the world can be found just off the coast of the island. Plate corals, anemones and large pelagics such as trevally and tuna tend to frequent the reefs along with the occasional whale shark.

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Travelling in Sudan is great.

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Sharm El Sheikh is definitely the most popular diving location in Egypt and is especially popular with newly qualified divers. The area offers a multitude of easily reachable dive sites that are sure to impress, such as the world-famous wreck known as the SS Thistlegorm. Originally a WWII cargo ship that carried tanks, trains, rifles and much more, many of these items can still be seen scattered on the ocean floor!

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Not many places offer divers the chance to reach their diving destination of choice by camel safari or exciting jeep ride, but in Nuweiba that’s just part of the thrill! The excitement continues underwater with an incredible scene – spectacular reefs and an array of macro life are what Nuweiba is all about. Underwater photographers return year after year to capture images of nudibranch, stonefish, frogfish and a variety of seahorse species.

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Marsa Alam is one of the main access points to the magnificent southern Red Sea and all of the underwater wonders it holds. With pristine reefs covered in soft and hard coral species and an array of colours thanks to a huge variety of fish, the dive sites are an exciting experience for any level.

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The underwater graveyard of Sha’ab Abu Nuhas is the stuff of legends, giving divers the chance to explore a number of wrecks all in one location. Hurghada is also home to impressive drop-offs and excellent reef diving opportunities, all within an hour’s boat ride.

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Over 80 different coral species have been discovered at the many dive sites at Fury Shoal, so Hamata is definitely a destination to add to the list for coral enthusiasts. With over 35 dive spots to choose from, divers are unlikely to be disappointed, especially when considering the huge varieties of marine animals that inhabit the area.

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Eilat is known for superb visibility and is a pleasant diving or snorkelling experience for all levels. The waters are calm and temperate and the underwater life is magnificent. Pristine corals in every variety are also on display and make for a colourful and interesting backdrop.

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Dahab is the home of adventure! Whether you choose to spend your days on an exciting jeep safari, climb aboard a camel or dive into the magnificent ocean right from the shore, Dahab is unlikely to disappoint. Adrenaline junkies return here each year to dive at the world-famous Canyon dive site as well as the beautiful Blue Hole.

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The fringing reef in Aqaba is perfect for divers and snorkelers alike. With over 20 spots easily accessible from the shore and an incredible 25km long coastline, divers are treated with easy access to an abundance of vibrant, healthy corals and diverse marine life. The underwater landscape on offer is also an interesting one with steep walls, deep canyons and pinnacles adding to the thrill.

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Diving at Tubbataha is quite often a magical experience, with dramatic underwater topography that needs to be seen to be believed. This protected marine park is only reachable by liveaboard and is one of the more popular sites for liveaboard routes in the area. Well-renowned for its impressive marine biodiversity, sightings of mantas, sharks and sea turtles are all very common at Tubbataha.

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Subic bay is one of the best wreck diving destination in the World!

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Some of the Philippines’ best dive sites can be found in Puerto Galera, centrally locatedn in the heart of what is widely known as an extremely bio diverse area. Underwater photographers will have plenty to capture with sloping reefs, wreck sites and dramatic walls all teeming with marine life.

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Shark enthusiasts take note – Malapascua is one of the best sites in the Philippines for shark sightings. An array of shark species including thresher, bamboo, hammerhead, white-tip, nurse and black-tip sharks can be seen in these areas. As if this wasn’t enough excitement, Malapascua also boasts regular manta rays sightings and an impressive variety of critters including frogfish and nudibranchs.

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Known to many as the “Whale Shark Capital”, Donsol boasts frequent sightings of whale sharks. What makes this site an even bigger diver magnet is the chance to interact with large numbers of these magnificent creatures – sometimes as many as 20 whale sharks can be gathered in the area at one time. Divers flock to Donsol to try their luck at getting up close and personal with the ocean’s biggest fish.

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Palawan presents a spectacular underwater landscape complete with beautiful atolls covered in a great variety of corals. The fringing reefs are teaming with life just waiting to be visited by avid divers.

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Boracay Travel

For those wishing to start or expand their diving qualifications, it hardly gets better than Boracay Island, considered by many to be one of the world’s best scuba diving classrooms. With crystal clear waters and a long-stretching sandy beach, the island is also popular with non-divers.

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Bohol is home to the mighty and the tiny, with nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses and skeleton shrimps sharing the waters with immense whale sharks and long-tailed thresher sharks. Unspoiled coral reefs and a variety of other marine species make for a well-rounded ecosystem and an enjoyable dive.

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Surin Islands

The Surin Islands boast numerous dive sites that could take up an entire day or two of non-stop, fantastic diving. Richelieu Rock is one site in particular that is not to be missed, especially for whale shark sightings!

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The 9 islands that make up the world-famous Similan Islands are simply world-class in terms of beauty. Not only are the islands some of the most beautiful in Thailand, but the underwater scene surrounding these islands boasts some of the best diving in the whole world. Diving in the Similan Islands is simply not to be missed!

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Phuket is one of the most famous islands in Thailand, and for good reason! Not only is it the largest island, but it is a fascinating location with magnificent beaches and excellent dive sites that are easily reachable. Colourful marine life is in abundance off the shores of Phuket, and divers may even have the chance to spot the much-sought after leopard shark in the clear waters.

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With over 50 dive shops located on the tiny island of Koh Tao and most of them offering scuba diving training, those wanting to learn to dive or advance their qualifications will have a wide variety of places to choose from. In fact, Koh Tao is the second highest provider of dive certifications in the world. Sites in the area are of course well-explored but definitely still worthy of a visit.

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As a gateway to the Surin and Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea, Khao Lak is certainly a convenient place to visit when embarking on scuba diving adventures in the area. Scuba courses and liveaboard options are all available from Khao Lak, which literally translates to ‘Lak Mountain’.

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One of the most famous islands in Thailand, Koh Phi Phi is picture-perfect both above and below the water’s surface. Dive sites along the Andaman coast vary from walls to coral gardens and boast regular sightings of sharks and turtles.

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Koh Lanta offers easy access to the superb dive sites located at Koh Haa. Here divers will find great marine species in every shape and size as well as protected coral reefs and great visibility to top it all off.

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Sipadan Island

Easily one of the world’s top 10 diving spots, Sipadan Island is known for its rich underwater life, beautiful coral reefs and dramatic drop offs. For many divers, it doesn’t get much better than Sipadan dive sites in terms of marine biodiversity.

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Take a boat trip to the island of Tioman and you won’t be disappointed! With a variety of dive sites scattered around the island, some up to a 2 hour boat ride away, the sites offer something for every diver’s preference. You could opt for interesting macro life, swim-through opportunities or even shark and turtle sightings at a number of the sites.

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The Perhentian Islands are home to many dive sites that boast an abundance of wonderful species including the rare and protected hawksbill and green turtles. Other notable sightings include the colourful bumphead parrotfish and black tip reef sharks.

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Mataking Island

With something for everyone, Mataking Island is certainly a worthwhile holiday destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. A large variety of underwater sites await, with plenty to see in the way of big and small underwater life.

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