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The Philippines is a scuba diver’s paradise situated right in the Coral Triangle, the epicenter of marine biodiversity.

Spending time above the water’s surface in the Philippines is rather fascinating too as this ideal beach holiday destination features a wonderful melting pot of different cultures. You’re sure to meet a variety of friendly, welcoming and mostly English-speaking people on your adventures in the Philippines.

Plan your next dive trip to Philippines with the following travel tips and advices.

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Philippines Travel Guide

Activities and Tours

Best Months to visit Philippines

Where to stay in Philippines?

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Where is Philippines?

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How to get around Philippines?

The islands are easily accessible thanks to many airports, ferries and buses, simply adding to the sentiment that the Philippines is truly a scuba diver’s paradise.

Scuba Diving in Philippines?

Check out our Philippines scuba diving reviews and start planning your next dive trip!

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