Pom Pom Island Travel Guide

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Malaysia is a wonderful place to spend your vacation in and one of its top spots is definitely Pom Pom Island. The beautiful atoll in the waters of the Celebes Sea offers all the possibilities of a magnificent holiday: astounding beaches, picturesque chalets by the sea, wonderful diving sites and many more.

Pom Pom Island History

Pulau Pom Pom has its name from the Pom Pom tree, which grows abundantly on the island and has become quite a symbol of the place. Other than that, the island has proven to be a peaceful place throughout history and it is one of the many touristic attractions in Malaysia.

How to get to Pom Pom Island

After you reach Kota Kinabalu or Kuala Lumpur, there are direct flights to Tawau, where the representatives of the resort where you are staying will most likely be waiting for you. From Tawau, a coach ride to Semporna awaits you, after which you will get to Pom Pom by speedboat. Be careful and arrange everything before you leave, in order not to have surprises.

Pom Pom Island Resort

Even if you are only interested in Pom Pom diving, you will surely fall in love with the rooms and chalets at the resort. If you do not like the Beach Villas, under the palm-trees and close to the seashore, then you will certainly want to stay in one of the Water Villas, lovely chalets elevated on pillars above the clear waters. The view is amazing and no feeling in the world compares to waking up in the middle of the deep blue sea, watching the sunrise from the horizon, in the purest, most untouched place on Earth.

Everything on the Pom Pom Island seems designed to make you have the holiday of your lifetime, so you should not hesitate about choosing it as your destination.

Scuba Diving in Pom Pom Island?

Check out our Pom Pom Island dive guide and start planning your next dive trip!

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