Sharm El Sheikh Travel Guide

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Not many other destinations can offer such a wide variety of sensational dive sites steeped in ancient history and coupled with unbelievable visibility, not to mention the fact that it is one of the most biodiverse marine areas on the planet.

Plan your next dive trip to Sharm El Sheikh with the following travel tips and advices.

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Pictures of Sharm El Sheikh


Sharm El Sheikh Travel Guide

Activities and Tours

Best Months to visit Sharm El Sheikh

Egypt is praised for its year-round warm weather and warm waters, making it an ideal diving destination at any time of year. With low humidity, very little rain and cool nights, visiting Egypt even in winter is likely to be warmer than any European winter as day temperatures in January are still in the region of 22°C.

As with most destinations that offer such a wide variety of underwater experiences, Sharm el-Sheikh can be densely packed with tourists both above and below the water, so it is recommended that visitors choose a suitable time to visit and plan their diving carefully to avoid frustration.

Where to stay in Sharm El Sheikh?

Dive resorts, diver-friendly hotels and budget accommodations are all widely available in Sharm el-Sheikh.

A multitude of holiday packages are available for both land and water accommodations.

How to get to Sharm El Sheikh?

The international airport at Sharm el Sheikh, formerly known as Ophira International Airport is well-connected with the world and flight deals are frequent from many European cities.

Map of Sharm el-Sheikh?

Map of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

How to get around in Sharm El Sheikh?

Scuba Diving in Sharm El Sheikh?

Check out our Sharm El Sheikh diving reviews and start planning your next dive trip!

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