South Sulawesi Travel Guide

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Southern Sulawesi province is located in the southern peninsula of Sulawesi.

Makassar, is the capital of South Sulawesi, and also Sulawesi’s largest city.

There are several things to do but that they are grouped into different areas. You shouldn’t miss going to Tolaki, Morunene, Buton, Wuna and Bajo. Back in the days the area was the place where the sultanate of Buton was.

Places of Interest

  • Kendari- this is actually the capital of Southeast Sulawesi. When you get to the city you should see how the locals dance the Modero dance.
  • Buton palace Fortress- this palace is located in Bau Bau and it has the imperial legacy of the sultanate of Buton.
  • Wakatobi National Park- perfect site to enjoy the wonders of breath-taking sea gardens and natural caves under water.
  • Moramo Waterfalls- the waterfall extends across a 2-kilometres highland with 127 different sloping plumes, which make the site a heavenly paradise.
  • Pakande Kandea- this is one of the most traditional ceremonies in Buton so you shouldn’t miss it.

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