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A dose of wildlife adventure to Tabin Wildlife Reserve will definitely take you to a thrilling escapade as you get in touch with its rich natural resources. The world of this natural paradise can be reached through a one hour trip from the major town of Lahad Datu. Experience the luxury accommodation within the forest through their fabulous timber bungalow which features a hot shower and a private veranda wherein you can have a picturesque view of the nearby forest.

The resort, being close to Lipad River at the same time resting in the middle of the forest, can provide you a magnificent sight of different insects, birds of different species, a number of small mammals loitering around in the vicinity of the resort. Take the chance to discover some of the jungle herbs which are believed to be nature’s medicine in treating different ailments.

With a short twenty-minute hike from the vast jungle, you can find your way through the booming attraction of Lipad mud volcano where you will be amazed with different animal footprints along its elevated area. Aside from being a mineral salt lick for wild animals, the mud volcano is also perfect to be experimented by the beauty conscious if they want to have a fine complexion.

To have a bird’s eye view of the resort, you can climb up through the observation tower where you will be astonished with the vastness of the landscape and the abundant forest. In the evening, get in touch with Tabin’s splendor by viewing their slide presentation and visiting the surrounding area inhabited by nocturnal wildlife and birds. The dark night sky sprinkled with different gleaming constellations completes your night adventure to the paradise.

If you want to visit the wildlife in the very early and cold morning, a short drive, which is not included in the package, will suffice your wish. You will also be “wowed” with the presence of more than 300 species of birds through a fun morning bird walk. For a more wildlife escapade, a hike towards Lipad’s Waterfall through the lushness of the wild jungle will amaze you with the great and unending splashes of water.

Pamper yourself with some of the relaxing facilities of nature such as soaking in the natural pool while enjoying the company of the different plant and animal species. After the exploration of the rich jungle, you can indulge yourself with Tabin Rainforest Foot Soak mixed with different herb ingredients which is guaranteed to revitalize tired muscles. Complete your water adventures by sliding your way to a nearby river or rock pool while listening to nature’s hymn.

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