West Sulawesi Travel Guide

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In the past, this heavenly paradise belonged to South Sulawesi. However, a couple of years ago the government decided to create West Sulawesi and name Mamuju as the capital city. The economy of this area relies on mining, agriculture and fishing.

Something worth trying in West Sulawesi is the seafood, which will meet the requirements of the most demanding guests. One of the most exclusive dishes in West Sulawesi is flying fish eggs and locals generally offer this dish to tourists to give them a warm welcome. Remember that this dish is not cheap and is only offered to special guests.

Places of Interest

  • The island of Karampuag is a must for visitors going to the area mainly because it is a heavenly paradise with white sandy beaches and lots of exotic animals and plants.
  • Banoa Sibatang this is very popular amongst tourists because it is a traditional home in Mamuju.
  • Custom House of Mamuju is another must-see attraction because it is a complex of royal buildings.
  • Cemetery Complex of King and Royal Family in this tourist place people have the chance to see royal burial places and also enjoy amazing views of the city of Mamuju.
  • Sandeq Race in Majeneis, even when this is not place tourists try to get to West Sulawesi during this traditional boat race that goes from Mamuju to Makassar.
  • Tamasapi Waterfall this is a great place to enjoy a day-trip outdoors because it has a 70-metres fall.

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