Commercial Diving

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If you are reading this page, you might be thinking about going to dive school to be a commercial diver. Courses are expensive. So which school is the best?

What can you really expect from a school and which one will provide you with the necessary skills to get the job you want when you graduate?

And we bet you also want to know what to expect when you get your first diving job. Please do let us know of a good resource, school or company you come across so we can keep this updated as best as possible.

Commercial Diving Schools provide individuals with the knowledge necessary to understand the physics and physiology of hyperbaric environments as well as hands-on experience in areas such as equipment maintenance and equipment operation. Students perform actual underwater work similar to that done routinely by divers in oilfield operation.

The courses emphasizes safe and efficient work practices and basic occupational competencies, which the student must successfully complete.

Advice you hear a lot from experienced commercial divers: Go to the quickest, least expensive school. Most companies will retrain tenders anyway.

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