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Crystal Rock dive site gets its name from the incredibly clear, crystal waters and is in the top ten dive sites in the Komodo National Park. The top of the dive site is exposed at low tide and there are often strong currents including whirlpools. The best time to visit this site is therefore at slack tide when the seas will be calmer and not as difficult to navigate.

Regardless of when you visit, it is important to stay near the reef for protection. This allows divers to have a better vantage point as well to take in everything that is going on around them.

The site is also famous for the soft corals and amazing diversity of marine life. Moray eels, frogfish, reef sharks, scorpion fish, and turtles are often seen on this dive. Sweetlip schools are also very common. On one part of the dive site, tuna and mackerel school seasonally.

This dive site is also famous as it hosts a large variety of smaller fish and nudibranchs meaning that from large sharks to pygmy seahorses, this site has it all. Due to the sheer variety of marine life found on this one site, it is recommended to dive the site more than once.

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