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Friday’s Rock dive site in Boracay is well known as a fish-feeding station and it is one of the oldest dive sites in the area. It gets its name from the nearby resort that is named Friday’s Resort. The Rock in the dive site name refers to a large boulder, which is where many different fish gather as a natural cleaning station but it is also a place where divers feed the fish. The dive site starts at around 12 meters, and goes down to a maximum of about 18 meters and so is good for all level of divers.

Divers can expect to see many different fish in large quantities, as the area is rich in nutrients for the fish. Expect to see different types of Nudibranchs, lobster, flute fish, batfish, anemone fish, puffer fish, white snapper, anemone fish, batfish, scorpionfish, red bass, emperors, yellowfin surgeon fish, unicorn fish, many different types of angelfish, and trigger fish. There are also schools of butterfly fish and fusiliers.

As the fish are mainly found at the boulder, there are some great chances to take some great photographs as the fish are fed. Photographer divers can get many close up detailed shots of different types of fish as well as some larger pictures capturing the many different fish found here and the great underwater landscape.

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