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Malaysia recently boasts its newest booming attraction situated in the vast oceans of the Celebes Sea – the Reef Dive Resort resting in the island of Mataking. If you’re the type who loves water adventures and beautiful beaches, then you will definitely enjoy a stay at Mataking island (the Reef Dive Resort) which is just a 40-minute travel from Semporna. With a depth of 100 meters, the Alice Channel links Mataking all the way to Pulau Sipadan which can be reached with an 80-mintute travel.

A visit to Mataking not only assures you an enthralling diving experience but also a one-of-a-kind accommodation through their private chalets or fabulous deluxe rooms. A complete isolation from the stress of the outside world, a wonderful and relaxing retreat, spectacular water adventures, attractive beaches and cool ambiance – for a great escapade, truly Mataking has it all!

While the sun smiles at daytime, you can enjoy the white sand beach and observe some coconut crabs up in the trees. You can also get in touch with the striking gardens in the resort while the birds sing in the air. After the water adventures and some stretch walk on the endless horizon of sand in the beach, the excitement in the island does not end with the day – it continues even during the night! You will be “wowed” with the fireflies that light up the whole place plus a chance to see Hawksbill and Green turtles visiting the sands of Mataking to lay eggs.

A tour up at King’s Watchtower provides a breathtaking view of the whole place of Mataking. Together with some friends, you can take pleasure with the adventures of the island – explore the island’s abundance of tropical vegetation, boosting your skills in handicrafts, show off your talents in cooking or dancing, or play some beach volleyball & soccer on the white sands. Trudging down the 1km sandbar which links Mataking all the way to Mataking Kecil will amaze you with the water that literally divides into two – unlike Moses, a wave of your hand is not necessary! Truly Mother Nature has her own ways to surprise us.

Aside from the natural beauty of the place, the Reef Dive Resort also provides a comfortable and elegant accommodation to their guests through their 24 fabulous deluxe rooms and 8 private chalets designed with awesome traditional structures. The resort features air- conditioned rooms with bathrooms and balcony which has an open view to the sea. Internet services are available at Mataking so you can stay connected with the world outside the paradise. To complete the facilities, a satellite TV is also provided by the resort where you can enjoy over 30 different channels at your own liking. Feast yourself with the Asian cuisines and Continental Buffet meals served at the restaurant, or have some relaxing experience with Jamu spa and jacuzzi.

A vacation to the island would not be complete without water adventures, so dive, glide and slide your way to the beach! As what the resort promises, you can have all the unlimited fun diving around the house reef, experience the 3 boat dives each day, or explore some of the islands near the resort, such as the popular Mabul and Sipadan Island. If you want a unique wedding or an exotic honeymoon in a heavenly paradise, then Mataking is a perfect place to make your dreams come true. Truly the beauty of Mataking is irresistible that it became popular to many tourists, including the Japanese divers.

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