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Barracuda Lake offers divers the chance to undertake a very special and unique type of diving, mountain lake diving. This is an unusual dive in the Philippines, found on the North side of Coron Island, as it first involves a short mountain climb up to a lake that has been formed in a volcano crater. Divers must climb up the mountain towards the lake, for about 15 minutes and they must walk with all their diving gear. Some divers organise for porters to carry their gear up the mountain. Most divers wear comfortable shoes as the climb in some spots is over sharp limestone. But the walk is worth it and it provides divers with beautiful scenery surrounding the lake, and an underwater dive that has been described as similar to the lunar surface.

The water within the lake varies as divers venture further down into the lake. The first four meters of the lake are fresh water but after that, the water becomes salty. This produces the first of the three thermoclines in the water. There is also a variance in the temperatures with the water ranging from 28 degrees in the fresh water to a very hot 38 degrees when the water changes to saltwater. The next thermocline is at 14 meters and at around 35 meters, the water changes colour completely. The lake turns from the crystal clear waters to a murky brown, a result of the tannic acid produced from the leaves that have fallen into the lake over the years. This reduces visibility to about 0 meters and so divers do not go further than this.

There is not a lot of marine life for divers to see but the dive experience makes up for this. Divers can expect to see some small catfish, rabbit fish, freshwater shrimps, and shells. There is a narrow channel that leads to the sea and so divers can also see the batfish, snappers, and puffers that have made their way through. The channel likely was the entrance point of a barracuda that has taken up residency in the lake. This a great opportunity for photographers to get some great shots as the barracuda has grown to over 1.5 meters long.

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