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Kogyo Maru is a great wreck dive allowing divers to penetrate the wreck and go through many swim throughs to discover some of the more unusual remnants of the boats cargo. This is a wreck dive starting at around 22 meters, going to about 34 meters. The 129-meter boat was originally a Japanese freighter that was used to carry construction materials for the building of a runway in the Pacific. The wreck dive now includes swim throughs into all six of the holds of the boat, and divers can also go into the engine room and into the bridge.

The wreck holds some unusual treats for divers not seen on other wreck dives in the area. As divers enter the second hold for example, they will spot some cement bags, lined up on an incline. There is also a small bulldozer that is leaning against the hold that is now completely encrusted in corals. Above the cement sacks a tractor and air compressor are perched within the hold as well. Both of these are also complete.

On the outside of the wreck, many soft and hard corals have taken over and created an artificial reef. There are many of the usual tropical fish, including barracuda, scorpion fish, anemone fish, razor fish, lionfish, groupers, bat fish, snapper, and rarely crocodile fish. Divers have occasionally seen turtles and rays at this spot.

Given the depth of the wreck, the dive is mainly for experienced divers, and often it is made using mixed air to provide enough time for a good exploration of the wreck at the deeper levels.

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