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Choosing to scuba dive in Dahab is one of the best choices you can make if you enjoy an abundance of marine life and spectacular underwater sights.

With some of the best and most versatile dive sites in the world including the world-famous Blue Hole, Dahab is unlikely to disappoint even the most experienced of divers.

Located in the Gulf of Aqaba, Dahab offers two holidays in one as there are interesting cultural experiences to be had outside of the water such as camel safaris, markets and nomadic villages to visit.

Rather than the usual boat ride to reach your diving destination, many dive spots are shore dives in Dahab, with only a short jeep ride standing between you and the rich reef life that is in abundance in Dahab waters.

The reef stretches all the way along the Dahab shore resulting in innumerable dive sites worthy of exploration. Many divers are impressed by the varied topography in the area including colourful coral gardens, canyons and walls that surround the reef.

Best Dive Sites in Dahab

Ever travelled to a dive site by camel? Everything is possible in Dahab! Most of the dive sites have easy access from the shore, although some entry points are situated in rocky locations that require a little more concentration than negative entry dives off a boat.

In general, the vast numbers of dive sites in Dahab are teeming with rich and colourful marine life such as blue spotted stingrays, turtles, barracudas and more. There are coral gardens, imposing walls and deep canyons, and plenty of smaller critters to be spotted too.

The Blue Hole

If you’re only looking to do one dive in Dahab, the Blue Hole has to be it. The undisputed champion of all other dive sites in Dahab, the Blue Hole is definitely the most famous site in the area, and for good reason.

The site is actually a hole in the reef table with a sudden drop to around 80 metres and an impressive 30 metre long arch that divers are able to swim through to reach the open sea. Divers usually begin at Bells, a separate dive site that is often combined with the Blue Hole dive, where they swim through a bell-shaped chimney to reach a depth of 27 metres. Aside from the great marine life, corals and impeccable visibility, the Blue Hole Arch is the reason so many divers flock to this site each and every year.

Also holding the title as one of the most dangerous dive sites in the world, around 30 people die every year at the Blue Hole.

The Canyon

If you didn’t receive enough of a thrill diving the Blue Hole site, the Canyon is also an exciting dive site in Dahab. This site is named after a massive cavern that exists below the sea bed and offers the experience of diving in an underwater cave with reef walls all around. The Canyon is exceptional during a full moon and can be done as a night dive for experienced divers.

Ras Abu Galum

Ready to tick “riding to a dive site via camel” off your bucket list? Look no further than the Ras Abu Galum marine park. The well-preserved reefs and dive sites in this area make the trip well worth it, not to mention the number of turtles, lion fish and other interesting marine creatures that inhabit the area. Suitable for both beginner and advanced divers, the sites at Ras Abu Galum have something for everyone.

Other worthwhile dive spots  in Dahab are the Islands, Lighthouse Reef and Eel Garden.

Best Time to Dive in Dahab

As with all diving locations in the area, it is possible to dive throughout the year thanks to an arid and temperate climate which results in comfortable water temperatures between 20-28°C all year long. The variations in air temperature are slightly more, with summer temperatures peaking above 40°C and winter temperatures dropping as low as 18°C.

Visibility remains impressive throughout the year and is of course dependent on conditions, but expect an average of no less than 20 metres, with some places offering crystal clear visibility of 60 metres.

Getting to Dahab

A 1-hour journey by bus is all it takes to get to Dahab from Sharm el-Sheikh’s international airport. The route is a well-travelled one and transportation is frequent between the two scuba diving hubs. If you’re in Hurghada, the bus journey will be around 2.5 hours but is well worth the travel time for the scuba diving experience.

Where to Stay in Dahab

In recent years, Dahab has become a major scuba diving destination and as such accommodation is now plentiful for divers and regular tourists alike.

There are more than 50 dive tour operators in this small village and each one offers similar packages and deals with varying levels of customer service and safety.

Divers can opt for a relaxing retreat at any number of dive resorts that cater to your every need, complete with restaurants, bars and swimming pools on-site.

Overnight camel safaris are a unique experience in Dahab and visitors can enjoy local company while they settle in for the night in a traditional Bedouin camp.

Travel tips

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