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Komodo Island is known as one of the best dive sites in the world and it definitely deserves its reputation. The island itself is easily reached from Bali and the main island of Komodo along with a group of smaller islands which make the Komodo National Park. This park was set up primarily to conserve the famous Komodo dragon, the largest lizard in the world. As a result, the waters off the island have also been protected from fishing and shipping, so remain mostly in pristine condition.

Divers will find a staggering amount of fish in these islands, and the diversity is unique, with over one thousand species of recorded fish and a coral-species count of 250. The sites themselves are equally varied and on the same dive trip, you can swim through caves, descend large walls of coral, investigate rock formations, or float over pinnacles.

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Underwater Pictures of Komodo


Dive Types Overviews

Given the variety of dive sites, the area offers opportunities for all divers and has something for all levels. The high numbers of tiny and unique species also makes the Komodo Islands a macro diver’s paradise.

From liveaboards to day trips, currents for drift diving, still calm coral reefs, and with over 50 different sites for diving, the national park offers most types of diving.

  • Some of the most famous places to go to in the Komodo islands include:
  • Manta Alley, home to vast numbers of Manta Rays
  • GPS Point where you can find hordes of dogtooth tuna
  • Castle rock for great current diving
  • Crystal Rock North, famous for soft corals
  • Lighthouse with its large pinnacles (drift dive)

With such a variety of sites, it is common to come away from a visit having seen dolphins, manta rays, eagle rays, snappers, reef sharks, sea horses, tuna fish, and of course a huge diversity of coral.

Best Season to Dive in Komodo

Whilst diving is possible throughout the year, rain mainly falls from November until March, with high season being after the rainy season.

Temperature and visibility

The water temperature rarely falls below 22°C and the average remains between 23°C and 28°C. The air temperature is just as pleasant ranging from 22°C to 34°C.

The best visibility is between November and January where the visibility can get as high as 40 meters. It rarely falls below 20 meters with the low being around 10 meters.

Dive Map of Komodo

Komodo Dive Sites Map

Map of the Komodo Dive Sites

Dive Centre or Liveaboard?

Travel tips

Feeling inspired and raring to go? Check out our Komodo travel guide and start planning your next diving trip!

Dive Sites Reviews in Komodo

The Lighthouse reef off Malapascua Island is world-famous for one main reason: most often visited right before sunset, divers flock ...

This submerged pinnacle is a favourite amongst divers, and for good reason! Castle Rock boasts bottlenose dolphins, mackerel and trevally ...

Crystal Rock dive site gets its name from the incredibly clear, crystal waters and is in the top ten dive ...

Batu Bolong offers truly world-class diving in the heart of the Komodo Island and National Park Reserve. Although it doesn’t ...

This site is famous for having some of the most astonishing coral gardens in the Komodo National Park. Given the ...

If you are a macro diver, then this is the site for you. If you are not a macro diver, ...

The main attractions at this site, especially from July to September, are the vast quantities of sharks that can be ...

Although Tatawa Kecil has notorious strong currents, it is nonetheless another fantastic dive site in the Komodo National Park. These ...

This dive site is one of only seven pink or red beaches in the world. The color comes from the ...

This dive site is heralded as one of the best sites of the Komodo National Park but it actually lies ...

Liveaboard Reviews in Komodo

The MSY Arenui is a luxury boutique liveaboard offering a five star service.

The Cheng Ho liveaboard is one the most luxury liveaboard sailing between Komodo and Flores.

The MSY DAMAI 1 is one of the best liveaboard sailing the Indonesian archipelago.

The M/V Seven Seas is one of the top luxury liveaboard sailing the Indonesian top diving destinations.

The MSY Aurora liveaboard is a traditional vessel featuring all the modern comfort.

Far into the archipelagos of Indonesia lies a majestic vessel that offers its guests a top-notch experience worthy of 5 ...

The MSV Amira Liveaboard offers fantastic adventures around Raja Ampat, Komodo, Alor and the Banda Sea.

The Blue Manta Liveaboard is a spacious ship designed to deliver a comfortable Indonesian diving experience.

The MS Felicia liveaboard is a very good option for those looking to dive the Komodo archipelago on a budget.

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