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Even though Koh Lanta is in the Krabi region, it is distant away to boast its own section. Lanta will allow divers to access some of the finest diving sites that Thailand has to offer. Krabi has something to offer to everyone; which ranges from calm fringing reefs to the amazing outer rocks. This island also possesses beautiful white sandy beaches, gushing waterfalls and thriving tropical rainforests.

Dive Season

Year round scuba diving with best conditions between October and May.

Dive sites can also be visited from Phi Phi, Krabi and Phuket.

Hin Daeng

  • 5-40m+
  • Weak to strong currents
  • Wide rocky area with sheer walls steep slopes.
  • Red soft corals (the dive site name).
  • Marine life features barracudas, needlefish, fusiliers, sea turtles and rays.
  • There are sharks including leopard sharks, grey reef sharks and whalesharks.
  • Many small invertebrates and nudibranches.

Hin Muang

  • 10-40m+
  • Weak to strong currents
  • 200m long submerged plateau with purple soft corals (the name of this divesite).
  • Huge seafans and anemones, school of jacks and grey reef sharks.
  • Good for mantas and whalesharks.

Koh Ha Yai

  • 10-30m
  • Can be strong current
  • Several rocky karsts including an underwater cave with a large inner cathedral.
  • Soft and hard corals with marine life such as sea fans, sea whips, rays, leopard sharks and sea turtles.
  • There is good night diving just outside the cave.

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