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Laying claim to the title of fourth largest country in the world by land area, it goes without saying that the United States is vast, varied and exceptionally large, and the scuba diving sites surrounding this giant land mass tend to follow suit. The most popular areas to dive are on the southern and western coasts of the United States in the states of Hawaii, California, Texas and Florida. Inland diving is also quite popular, with diving enthusiasts making great use of the many lakes, springs and quarries the United States has to offer.

Best Diving Destinations in the United States


Warm waters, fantastic surf and beautiful beaches are all part and parcel of the great destination of Hawaii. Comprising 130 small islands, many of these Pacific islands feature protected coves and inlets that are ideal for scuba diving due to serene, shallow waters and an almost constant presence of majestic green sea turtles. To the north of Kona, an eerily named dive site – the Haunted Cavern – awaits exploration.


Some of the most frequented sites in the US are located near Key Largo in the Florida Keys.  The exceptionally beautiful string of tropical islands known as the Florida Keys is situated in magnificent turquoise waters and offers world-famous diving and snorkelling sites. The marine life is well-protected in this area thanks to the presence of the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park and The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Divers can expect to see manatees and dolphins in the area, and could even take a trip to see the unusual sight of an underwater Jesus at the Christ of the Abyss dive site near Key Largo. Shore diving and wreck diving is also possible and can be arranged through the countless dive companies that are present along the south coast of Florida, especially in areas such as Key West, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.


In sharp contrast to both Hawaii and Florida’s clear, warm waters, the water of the Pacific is dark and cold but certainly worth a visit. Vast underwater kelp forests make for a unique sight along the seabeds of numerous Californian diving locations, specifically around the Channel Islands located near Santa Barbara. Monterey to the north is very popular with both surfers and scuba divers alike, although divers do need to be aware of the strong currents and disorientating amount of giant kelp in these dark waters. Shore dives near the Monterey State Beach are a worthwhile experience to see pieces of history such as old, decaying pier structures and sunken boats. All along the Californian coast divers who choose to experience the challenging environment of the deep Pacific waters are rewarded with sea lion, octopus and shark encounters.

Other Destinations

The Texas Clipper, now positioned near South Padre on Texas’ south coast, was sunk deliberately in this location. The vessel now lies at a depth of roughly 23 metres and offers novice divers the chance to experience a shallow water wreck dive that is both exciting and interesting.

A large majority of American divers make fantastic use of the many freshwater lakes and deep quarries available in the US to complete their scuba diving certifications before venturing out into the oceans. In Pennsylvania, a spring-fed lake complete with above-water Aqua Park is a rather popular training location, as is Ginnie Springs in northern Florida.

Getting to the United States


The 50th and final state to be added to the United States, Hawaii has one international airport called Honolulu International Airport in Oahu. Various islands can be reached via short, internal flights from this airport or visitors can choose to hire a boat and travel this way. Upon arrival at any of the larger islands, numerous diving operations will be at your disposal to assist with your scuba diving arrangements.


Easily accessible to international visitors from a number of ports, Florida provides direct access to liveaboard dive trips and commercial cruises. Not only that, but this sunshine state holds the record for the largest cluster of diving companies in the whole of the US. Needless to say any of these dive shops would be more than willing to assist with any of your diving requirements including arranging boating trips and hiring equipment.

Tampa Bay is a natural harbour that offers a calm welcome to the waters of the Mexican Gulf and can be reached by three suitably-positioned airports.


It is believed that the first Aqua-Lungs were sold in the state of California by a relative of the world-famous and highly-respected Jacques Cousteau, and scuba diving has been a popular pastime ever since. With numerous airports in the state including the massive LAX in LA and an international airport in San Francisco, accessing the dive sites in California should not be a problem.   

When to Visit the United States

Although it is only one country, the climate varies greatly between different regions within the United States. As with all northern hemisphere territories, the summer season runs from late May to September and allows for warmer conditions in the Gulf of Mexico and dive sites located in the Atlantic Ocean. If choosing to dive off the coast of California, plan to make use of a thick wetsuit or even a dry suit to keep yourself comfortable in the colder Pacific. Climate considerations are based almost entirely on where you plan to visit in the United States however, as Hawaii’s temperate, tropical climate is well-suited for diving at any time of year with very little special gear.

Where to Stay in the United States

Again, with such a vast landscape and an immense variety of dive sites at your disposal, it would depend entirely on your chosen diving destination as to where you chose to stay for your United States visit.

Dive Sites Reviews in United States

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Liveaboard Reviews in United States

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Don August 12, 2017

Need space for 3 divers on Saturday 8/19.
Offshore diving.


Scott August 28, 2017

I will be visiting the area this weekend, and wanted to find out if you have any spearfishing trips running Sat, Sun, or Monday? Thanks


Robert September 11, 2017


I am looking to book a guided scuba tour for Point Lobos or some other cool spots near Monterey or Carmel sometime around November 3 through the 10th. Do have any suggestions for me. I have all my gear except a steal Tank I will need to rent along with weights. I am also interested in unguided tours if non are available, but would need to join a group or try and grab a dive buddy. Thanks


Florian September 11, 2017


I happen to have a free weekend during business travel this week in the Monterey area. I would love to go for 1-2 dives saturday or sunday (9/16-17). Could you arrange that with a divemaster/instructor?

I’m OWD (and nitrox) certified since 10 years but typically only diving in vacation. Therefore litte experience (about 80 dives) but a little bit more activity recently (last dive just last weekend). German but almost fluent in English.
I’d also need rental equipment as I inly bring my mask (with optical glasses) and my computer (sorry, never trust rental computers…) with me.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


Sal September 15, 2017

I’m on vacation in 7 weeks not sure if you are going out diving but I have open water would like to see some shipwrecks


Eva November 01, 2017

Hi we are planning to go to California in december. and would like to go diving while we are there. we are two experienced divers and one who has padi open water certificate from a few years ago but Without any dives after that. do you have any suggestions for arrangement for us? i think we will be in the Moterey area around dec 20. is it any risk that diving is not possible beacuse of bad weather or something? regards Eva


Rob November 01, 2017

I was interested in a lion fish hunt for Nov 15-16. I was hoping for 3 tank dive, and maybe some helpful tips of using a pole spear. Do you offer these charters?


Rogers November 05, 2017

Last July I obtained my PADI open water certification and Nitrox certification in St Eustatius. While there I did 15 dives between 30-60 feet.
I’m interested in continuing diving but am certainly concerned about the cold water (brrrrrr) and don’t have a dive partner.
I wanted to inquire about diving with you.
Let me know about schedules and your diving company


Valerie November 07, 2017

Im a photographer and I’m looking for guided tours Wednesday-Saturday. I’m PADI advanced certified and all I need are weights and tanks.


sean November 12, 2017


My family and I will visit Monterey in July 2018 and I was enquiring I you take out complete beginners for a sort of ‘try dive’.
I am Padi trained and dived all over the world but my 14 year old daughter and 17 & 18 year old sons have not dived before. They are competent swimmers and had a try of a regulator in a swimming pool. A short dive following safety briefs from the beach would be enough……can you accommodate??



Kris November 27, 2017

Do you know of anyone who would charter a dive boat out to Point Lobos? There are 4-5 of us who are interested in diving there. Thank you! Kris


Natalie December 04, 2017


I’m interested in diving Pt. Lobos with my husband for his 40th birthday (2 dives each). We’re both advanced scuba certified, as well as nitrox and dove the Monterey Bay area once before yrs ago when we just rented equipment. Anyway, I’m interested to know more about the trips to Pt. Lobos, including dive site features, cost, and schedule. Please feel free to call or email me when you get a chance. Looking to book dives in mid-late Jan or whenever dive conditions are best. Thanks!


Katelyn December 05, 2017


My boyfriend and I will be in Florida from December 27th to January 1st. We went lion fish spear fishing over the summer in Belize and are looking to do it again! I saw on a web site someone recommended you guys to do it. Is that something we are able to book with you?


Steven December 08, 2017

I am interested in a shore dive for my 11 y/o son and I on December 17. We are both certified. This would be one short dive to maintain our practice. He gets cold easily and I would like the warmest wetsuit available including boots and hood for him. He is 56″ and 75 lbs. Would you have anything available?


Advait January 01, 2018

I am a PADI certified diver and looking for a dive tour on Jan 7th morning. Can you please let me know if there is availability for that day and how much it will cost. I will also need equipment rental for this dive.


Jeffery February 10, 2018

Hola! Matt here and I am interested in securing a dive charter to the Oriskany on either Thursday March 15 or Friday March 16. It will be me and a friend. Just need some details I couldn’t discern from the site and availability. Thank you!


MEGAN February 16, 2018

Does the price for guided shore dives include tanks?


John March 08, 2018

We are setting up a dive center trip with 8-12 divers to dive the Oriskany in late June 2018. We plan for one full day (morning/afternoon, the Oriskany excursion, and morning diving the last day. All flights will be scheduled for afternoon.
I am interested in discussion group rates available. Logistics questions such as how tanks, weights, air fills are handled as well as hotels or van rentals you may have cooperative agreements with.
Thanks for your attention,


steve March 22, 2018

Hi My 16 year old and I are open water certified – I have about 20 dives, he has 4–and we are interested in a dive with a dive master just for the two of us next Friday, March 30. Do you have any availability? and can you recommend an appropriate dive– neither of us has had cold water diving experience yet. Thanks, Steve


Biouti March 24, 2018


We are a french family and plan a tour in Monterey.

I would like to explore the Monterey Canyons. I have no experience in diving.

Is it possible to visit it without experience?

Thank you a lot,


Kristina March 26, 2018

Hi. Coming to town to run Big Sur on 4/29 and would like to get 1-2 dives in. Just need gear and tanks. Do you rent dry suits?


Malia May 22, 2018

Hello, I was interested in going to a Diving tour and I have no prior experience. I was looking for it this weekend preferably this sunday or monday in Monterey California.
Thank you


Michael July 02, 2018

My girlfriend and I are looking to do an Oriskany dive on Friday. We are both advanced open water certified. Can you tell me if you have any availability?

Thank you!


Marc July 10, 2018


My friend and I are interested in diving on July 21. We would ideally do
2 or 3 guided dives either from boat or shore.

We are both certified divers (I myself are PADI advanced open water
diver and my friend has a CMAS 2 star diver certification)

Do you accept both certifications?

Could you let us know what tours you offer on July 21 and what the costs
for the tours are incl. guide, full equipment rental, air, boat and any
additional cost that might apply?

Thanks in advance and best regards,



Greg July 10, 2018


I will be visiting San Francisco and I would love to dive in Monterey Bay with you. I am Advanced Padi diver with Nitrox and Dry suit certification. I have been diving for about 5-6 years with 150+ dives.

Ideally I would like to dive on 27th of July. I am wondering if i could book a diving tour with you for 2-3 dives / sites in one day:
1. San Carlos Beach – 1 dive
2. Point Lobos – 1 dive
3. + extra dive on any location if possible?

Also, I would need full gear rental.

Could you let me know if it is possible and what would be the total price.

Oh, and do you need dive insurance? If yes, do you provide dive insurance?

Thank you


Jimmy July 11, 2018

Good afternoon,

Me and a buddy are trying to get down there this September to dive. I have a question on pricing for the 2 person 2 dives. Is it $75 per diver per dive for a total of $150 each, or 75 total per diver?


Nicholas July 12, 2018

I’m living in the Bay Area and Open Water certified. I was looking to go diving in Monterey Bay during the upcoming Fall. I have heard that the visibility is very hit or miss. Are tours refunded if visibility is poor? Do you allow gear rentals to people not booking tours? Thanks!


Stéphane July 12, 2018


We are a french family.
We live in Maryland and plan our summer holidays in California
We would like to offer a session to discover the scuba diving to our 2 children (8 and 11 years old)
Do you propose this kind of session ?
Can you give us few details ? (pool or sea, time, price…)

Thanks in advance



John July 19, 2018

Subject: Availability on Monday 6th august for 2 divers with a CMAS 3 stars


We plan to come Monday, August 6th to Monterey.

And we would like to know if we can dive with you.

We have more than 300 dives.

We are at the level CMAS 3 stars which allow us to dive in autonomy up to 60 meters.

Can you please tell us if you have some availability during this time and if we can book the dive ?

Thank you for your time,



Jeremy August 03, 2018

Hey, when is the next time you have a 3-dive trip that I could be added onto? I’d like to do the Oriskany for one and a little spearfishing for the others. I’m ready anytime starting tomorrow at 7am.


Sam August 05, 2018

I took a basic free diving class awhile back and wanted to get back into it again. Do you have a learning event or a certified course


Stephanie August 23, 2018

Wanted to inquire about a dive tour for next Wednesday or Thursday


laurel August 31, 2018


My husband and I are interested in diving in the Monterey Bay area on Saturday, September 8th. We have done a shore dive there once before but are wanting to take a boat out this time. Are you running a boat dive that day? I am OW with over 50 dives. My husband has he’s advance certification with 75ish dives. Please let me know your availability.



lesley September 03, 2018

Dear, I was wondering if you were planning to go out to the Oriskany next sunday. I would be interested in joining a charter (single diver sidemount configuration).
Many thanks,


Jonathan September 05, 2018

Hello I am looking for scuba diving tours for a day or two in monterey. We are there in the next couple of weeks – can you send me a number to call?


jatin September 11, 2018

We are a party for 3/4 looking for guided scuba tours on sunday 16 th sept or monday 17 th sept. We are probably looking to do 2-3 dives
Can you give us details about the prices and timings ?
Are you flexible on timings ?


Krunal September 14, 2018

Me and 2 friends are trying to dive on Sunday morning. Do you have any availability?
Please call me back on 404 940 6785



Christian September 21, 2018

I am interested in booking a charter for the Oriskany dive next week on Thursday or Friday.


Jonathan November 01, 2018

Interested in 2 tank dive next Saturday. Wondering how long total duration of the dive will be from entering to exiting the dive shop


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