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Having smaller expanse of land than the ocean, a few Micronesia’s best highlights are underwater.  Micronesia has over 2000 islands randomly scattered in 5 million kilometers of the Pacific Ocean, which a lot of world maps don’t recognize. Every island cluster has its own diving highlights and culture. The people have been predisposed with a different way by wars, colonization, politics and geography.

Diving conditions changes but ultimately, this region deserves a spot on a diver’s wish list. All throughout Micronesia divers can witness a profusion of marine life in different shape, sizes and color, with a few not yet discovered.


Palau consists of more than 300 islands scattered around and inside a huge lagoon. It is roughly located in the western part of Micronesia, 600 miles east of the Philippines. The official languages are English and Palaun with Japanese also widely spoken. The official currency is the US dollar.

Palau is a tropical island paradise with dense tropical forests, mangroves, rivers, waterfalls, and long white sandy beaches. This tropical island destination provides an excellent location for any holiday. You can Kayak the mangroves to see crocodiles in the shallows, visit ancient ruins and quiet villages, hike through different forest types, or lounge around in hammocks as the sun goes down.

For the diver, Palau has everything to offer, including 1500 species of fish and 700 varieties of coral, as well as wrecks, caves, walls all offering fabulous diving. Also, Palau’s Ngemelis wall was nominated as the best wall dive in the world by Jacques Cousteau.


Koror is the main diving base and is joined to the largest island Babeldaob by a causeway. Most dives are done as drift dives and some dives are reasonably deep. Several World War II wrecks are available and are located in the main commercial port.

Those dive sites worth a visit include:

  • The exhilarating drift dive of blue corner is located along the Ngemelis wall
  • New Drop off at the southern end of Ngemelis island
  • The sheer wall at the souther tip of Palau’s Lagoon falls hundreds of feet and includes the dive sites, Peleliu Cut, Peleliu express, West Wall, Orange Beach and Yellow Beach.

Palau is also known for its Jelly Fish Lake on  (30-minute boat ride from Koror) which has hundreds of thousands of jelly fish (no stingers). A truly beautiful dive site where you can snorkel but not scuba.

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