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Neon lights, bright colors, unusual forms… no, this is not a description of a nightlife activity, it’s a night dive in  Phuket!

When traveling to one of the Thai archipelagoes most likely you will be staying at Phuket before and after your departure. Why not spend a few more days here? You will have a chance to get acquainted with one of the wrecks in the nearby area or to perform a night dive.

On the occasion that you are just beginning your diving adventure, Phuket will be an unforgettable gateway to the underwater world.


Easily reachable by a direct flight from most of the world’s airports Phuket is a 50 km (31 miles) long Island. There are 3 main districts in Phuket: Thaland in the northern part, Kathu (famous for Patong beach) in the western part and Mueang Phuket (with Phuket town and all other famous beaches like Karon, Kata, Rawai and others) in the southern part.

The best transportation on the Island is a taxi, bus or mini-van. If you are thinking of hiring a scooter, abandon this idea. It is too dangerous due to a hectic traffic, better rent a car then.

Diving Review

Phuket welcomes divers all the year round with its warm water which hardly goes below 25ºC (77ºF). But National Marine Parks are closed for diving in the wet season which is between June and October. Thus, it’s better to consider the other months.

Most of Phuket’s dive sites are located either near the coast with shore entry or within a short transfer by a speedboat or a longtail boat.

If you are planning some wreck dives, better take your gloves and a torch. A torch will come in handy for night dives as well.

Best dive sites overview

There are plenty of locations for beginners with shore entry dives from Kata and Karon Beaches. It is common to see Lionfish, Wrasse, Snapper, and Stingrays there. Try to visit Koh Poo, Kata Noi Reef or Karon Rok for a selection of hard corals, Octopus, Batfish and Anemones.

Dive Map of Phuket

Phuket Dive Map

Night dive at Yanui Beach

When the moon is full it might be the best idea to try a night dive at Yanui Beach. The maximum dive depth is 9m (29ft.) and the reef goes up to 3m (9ft.) which is ideal for a night dive. The moonlight turns a dive site into an alien planet. On such nights, it’s great to turn off your torch for a while to admire the fluorescence of plankton and nocturnal underwater life. Night hunters, like Lionfish, Morays, and Crabs, will be moving around. Do not forget to control your buoyancy.

Tin Mining Barge (Wreck)

Tin Mining Barge is a 30m (98ft.) long wreck located not far from Bang Tao Bay in the northern part of Phuket. The bottom lies at 12-16m (ft.) and the upper part is located at 4m (13ft.). Not many dive clubs know or organize trips to this dive site, so it will not be crowded. At the same time, underwater inhabitants will please you with their diversity. The average visibility is about 8m (26ft.).

War Birds

Have you ever seen a plane or a helicopter wreck? If not yet, then War Birds dive site is waiting for you. Upon Buddist and Thai Defense Department blessing 4 Dakota Airplanes and 6 Sikorsky Helicopters were drowned in the western part of Bang Tao Bay in 2008. The average depth of the dive is 17m-20m (55-65ft.) with visibility of 10m (32ft.).

HMS Squirrel

Technical divers can practice their skills at HMS Squirrel dive site. After hitting Japanese mine this 65m (213ft.) long British vessel sank in 1945 in the southern part of Phuket. She is settled at the depth of 65-72m (213-236ft.) on her starboard.

Koh Racha Noi

  • 10-30m
  • Weak to strong current
  • Huge pinnacle with a small shipwreck (northeast).
  • Good fost and hard corals.
  • Angelfish and butterflyfish, pufferfish, parrotfish and triggerfish.
  • Pelagics such as manta rays.

Hin Racha Yai

  • 5-30m
  • Minimal current
  • Good for all divers.
  • Mostly staghorn corals with marine life such as reef fishes, cuttlefish, crinoids, juvenile barracudas and octopus.

Koh Dok Mai

  • 15-30m
  • Weak to moderate current
  • Soft and hard corals on slope and reef wall.
  • Small cave. Sharks including leopard shakrs, black tip sharks and white-tip sharks and sea turtles.

Best dive season

You’d better arrive between November and April to enjoy the warmest and the calmest water around Phuket. February and March are the best months.

Dive conditions

The visibility is around 10m (32ft.) during November and April as most of the dive sites around Phuket are influenced by the tide. The water temperature reminds taking a warm shower because of 28-31ºC (82-87ºF).

Marine life

Wrecks usually attract such fish as Batfish, Lionfish, Scorpionfish, Snappers, Glassfish, Fusiliers, and Barracudas.

On house reefs not far from the shore you’d better concentrate on smaller creatures like Nudibranchs, Crabs, and Shrimps. Maybe you are lucky to find Seahorse and Ghost Pipefish. They try to masquerade as soft corals, so you need patience and a quick eye to spot them. Even when diving at house reefs not far from the shore it is worth looking into the sandy spots for Stingrays or upper layers for Turtles.



Many liveaboards (for example, DiveRACE Class E, Giamani, The Junk, Thailand Aggressor) heading to Similan Islands, Surin Islands, and the Mergui Archipelago leave either from Phuket or from the nearby Khao Lak.

Phuket Dive Centers

Kamala Beach

  • Merlin Divers
  • Scubaquest

Patong Beach

  • Andaman Divers
  • Aqua Line Dive Centre
  • Asian Adventures
  • Dive Master
  • Dive Supply
  • Dive the World
  • Eden Divers
  • High Class Adventure
  • Marine Project
  • Santana
  • Scandanavian Divers
  • Scuba Cat
  • Sea Hawk Divers
  • Sea World Dive Team
  • S. E. Asia Liveaboards
  • Warm Water Divers
  • West Coast Divers

Karon Beach

  • Dive Asia
  • Sunrise Divers

Kata Beach

  • Andaman Scuba
  • Aquamaster
  • Blue Marine Services
  • Calypso
  • Dive Asia
  • Dive Collection
  • Kata Diving Services
  • Marina Divers
  • Nautilus Divers
  • Oceanic
  • Phuket Scuba Club

Ao Chalong

  • Deep Blue Divers
  • Euro Divers
  • Fantasea Divers
  • Hot Wave Wetsuits
  • Kon Tiki
  • Phuket Pro Dive
  • Sea Bees Diving
  • Seafarer Divers
  • Sea King
  • Siam Diving Enterprises
  • South East Asia Divers
  • Sun Offa Beach
  • White & Blue Dive Club


The selection of an accommodation at Phuket usually depends on the budget and the level of privacy which you would like to have as the choice is large.

If you prefer a peaceful and luxury environment with lagoons at a 6km (miles) long beach, then you’d better choose a resort in Bangtao. The high-end accommodations will provide everything you might desire for, even a Golf course.

Moving further from the Airport your will find Kamala on the western side of the Island. Here you can escape from the crowds on a 1.5 km (0.93 miles) long beach.  It is targeting families and those with a preference of a relaxation at the beach.

Patong is the busiest, most famous location, especially between backpackers. Young people love it due to the largest number of bars, discos, restaurants and shops on the Island. So it can be quite noisy during the nights unless there are windows with sound insulation at the hotel.

Small towns of Karon and Kata are much quieter than Patong providing mid-priced pleasant accommodations. But whenever you wish to find yourself back in a center of Brownian motion, just take a 30-minutes drive to Patong.

Rawai and Phuket town might be not the best places to stay. The first one is not good for swimming while the latter is a business center.

Other activities for non-divers

Phuket gives a chance for good snorkeling, like the nearby Coral Island. The transfer time is about 15 min by a speedboat from Chalong. Or you can put on your mask and fins at Nai Harn Bay located not far from Rawai. Here you will find brain corals with their regular companions, Christmas Tree Worms, and plenty of reef fish.

If you are a devoted eco-activist you might be interested in giving your support to Gibbons. For this, you need to visit Gibbon Rehabilitation Center which is located in the eastern part of Phuket next to Bang Pae Waterfall.

Travel tips

Feeling inspired and raring to go? Check out our Phuket travel guide and start planning your next diving trip!

Dive Sites Reviews in Phuket

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Meghan July 24, 2017

I am looking to book a dive over the next few days.



Andy July 24, 2017

We are in Phuket. We want to book a dive.


Alexey August 08, 2017

Hi there!
I consider visiting Phuket late October and wanna take 2days dive safari to Similans. Can you share some details?

Best regards,
Padi advanced


Franziska August 11, 2017

Guten Tag!

Mein Partner und ich fliegen vom 21.8.-2.9. nach Phuket und würden dort gerne unseren AOWD Kurs machen.
Unser Hotel ist in Pathong, daher wäre ein Transfer zur Tauchbasis gut.
Wir würden vorab gerne wissen, wo die Tauchplätze sind und was der Kurs kosten würde.
Wäre auch ein Tauchgang an den Similan Islands möglich?
An welchen Tagen würden die Tauchgänge stattfinden?

Viele liebe Grüße, Franziska


Scott August 16, 2017

Hi there,
I am looking for a sea kayaking trip between the 16th and the 24th of September. This is when I’ll be in Thailand. I came across your website and thought I’d chance an email.
Kind regards


Steph September 05, 2017

My husband and I learnt to dive on our honeymoon in 2006 and we are coming back to Phuket on January 5th for 15 days and hope to do lots more diving. We haven’t yet booked any accommodation and we were wondering if the dive centre could recommend anyway suitable. Look forward to hearing from you regards Steph


Steph September 06, 2017

My husband and I passed our PADI training with you in 2006 and are returning to Phuket in January and we are looking to carry out some more diving. Could you also recommend a good place to stay


Kiss September 08, 2017

Léteik még a búvárbázis?


Victor September 13, 2017

I would like to join your daily dive trip on November 2017,Please let me know your schedul
and price.


Vitaly September 26, 2017

I am planing a 3/4 days safari (SIM-BON-TAC-RICH-WRECK) in early December (Back AirTicket from BKK is Dec 9).
I have PADI OWD, but also be interesting in AOWD.

Could you please be so kind and provide me your 3/4days safari schedules with full prices including/excluding AOWD course

Thank you in advance,


Imre September 28, 2017

Imi vagyok Kecskemétről. Egy barátom ajánlott benneteket Szegedről. Februárban tervezünk menni Phuketre, és szeretnék merülni is párat. Similan szigetek érdekelnének akár 2-3 napos verzióban is. Egyenlőre nézelődök, érdeklődnék hogy van e ott túrátok, és ha van mibe kerül 1+1 fő kisérővel, mert sajnos nem mondhatom hogy az ár nem mérvadó.. Előre is kösz



Phuket diving October 18, 2017

The Similan Islands are now OPEN 🙂


Nina November 22, 2017

I’m Nina from Germany and I’m looking for a beginner diving course ( 2 or 3 days) between 30th November and 4th Decmeber 2017. Could you send me some more information about prices and what they do include?
Thank you very much-
With best regards,


Laetitia December 11, 2017

Dear Sir, i would like to book a scuba diving day on december 29 or december 30. for 1 adult. Pick up at the hotel Baan Krating resort> What can you arrange and how much would it be ? How can I book ?
Thank you


Lotta December 30, 2017

Hello! we are 2 girls who would like to book a snorkeling trip to Similans on monday, can we book by email? // lotta


Arunas January 01, 2018

hi, will U arrange witin 2-4 Jan,2018 diving/snorkeling with elephant in/nearby Phuket?


Brona January 04, 2018


Your company has come highly recommended to me from a friend as I was just looking to enquire about different activities. My self and my partner would be very good swimmers and gone snorkeling a great deal. We would be pretty intrested in diving but wouldnt have any real experience in the activity.

We’ve never been to Thailand so its all a new experience to us. We plan to be in Phuket for about a week.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


Vitali January 10, 2018

I will have a rest from April 11 to April 30 in Centara/
I would like to dive (ADW)


Bruce January 16, 2018

My name is Bruce, I’m one of the new owners of Blaze II. A Sunreef 62 based in Phuket Yacht Haven. Des of Pulse suggested I introduce myself to you as I’m just starting to network and get my feet wet here in Thailand. Look forward in hearing from you when you have time. Cheers, Bruce on Blaze II


Anika January 16, 2018

Hello what dive package do you offer?

3 dives

Phi phi and anemone reef

What is the price?


Peter January 18, 2018

Would like to know the prices on the divetrips in
Phuket. We will arraive on monday.


Dorothe January 23, 2018

As of today i’m staying in Patong and would like to go on two dive trips wij you. One to the Similan islands and one to I don’t know het but would appriicate some advise. I’ve been at Phi Phi Islands and Shark Point in 2012. Ko Tao in 2016 and Hin Muang and Hin Daeng also in 2016.
When would that be possible?
I’m a 2** CMAS diver, with 33 dives. Last one in november 2016 with Kontiki Diving to Hin Muang and Hin Daeng. In march 2016 i did a scuba refresh with Roctopus Dive at Ko Tao


luke sederholm February 26, 2018

Hi what are the costs for your liveaboards? If I want to do an advanced open water course with the liveaboard, how much would this cost and what is included?


Cory March 07, 2018

I’m producing a story for a science news program called Daily Planet and I’m looking for some video of swimming elephants.

I was wondering if you have anything that could help me out?




Chiu July 04, 2018

may I know Silaland 2/ 3day lob price is how much


Clarke July 13, 2018

Are you running trips into the Mergui end November/December 2018?


Eddie July 14, 2018

We want to dive in pucket patong beach in august.


Ignacio August 03, 2018

Good afternoom,

I would like to scuba tomorrow at Phuket however I only have the morning and should be in the hotel at 13:00. I am in hotel woraburi, could be possible to return at this time? I would like to do unless one inmersion before to return to spain.

Do you have some spanish guide?



Sing September 11, 2018

I am looking for a PADI FREEDIVER LEVEL 2 course in PHUKET. Is there any course i can join around 18SEP? Thanks a lot


Elizabeth September 13, 2018

Good day! My name is Elizabeth Garcia and I will be in Phuket from Sept 19-21 and I would like to know how to book a dive with you. I am a PADI Rescue Diver. I am interested in doing at least 1 wreck dive and maybe go to Phi Phi island.


Elizabeth September 14, 2018

Hi there! I was wondering if you received my inquiry earlier about wanting to dive between the 19th and 21st of September? I will not have any local phone # but you can send me an email


Páli October 12, 2018

Tisztelt Hölgyem/Uram!

Kérdésem az lenne,hogy az OWD tanfolyamuk,amely 11.000.-THB-ba kerül, ebben benne van a felszerelés használatának ára is?
Konkrétan mit tartalmaz ez az összeg?
Előre is köszönöm válaszukat!


roger October 21, 2018

Hello, do you conduct self-reliant or Solo Course under Padi or SSI?

How long does the course last? All equipment inclusive, how much does it costs?

I should be in Phuket evening on the 8 Nov and thought of doing this course ( if it is one day) and to fly our on the evening on the 10 Nov. I am traveling alone.

I reckoned that you are associated with Phuket Marina Hotel?



Heiko October 25, 2018

We want to spend two weeks in April 2019 in Karon Beach and go diving with you again. Can you please send us the current prices?

Many Thank
Susi & Heiko


Henrik November 08, 2018


Jag vill kolla möjligheten för min son, 13 år, att gå AOW hos er. Vi skulle vilja börja kursen 15/12, kan titta in till er 14/12 pm för material och övriga uppgifter.

Han har PADI OW sedan två år, Kontiki Krabi, och har dykt ca 20 dyk sedan dess. Tänkte att vi kör AOW local på Phuket och att jag själv dyker någon av dessa dagar.

Vår plan är att han tar AOW och sedan skulle vi vilja åka ut till Similan på någon liveaboard, ca 4 dagar, för att vara tillbaks på Phuket senast 27/12 då vi flyger hem 28/12 kväll.

Vi behöver hyra utrustning då vi endast har med oss fenor, mask och snorkel.

Går det att ordna?




Joe December 10, 2018

Hi. We are two very experienced divers and we are staying at the Angsama Lagoon Hotel in Phuket . Can we dive with you tomorrow, Tuesday, 12/11? If so, where are you planning to dive?

Thank you.



Bojda December 31, 2018

Lassan 10 éve voltam nálatok merülni, most márciusban tervezek újra kimenni. Viszont szeretnék egy kis segítséget kérni mivel szeretnék kint egy nem hivatalos esküvőt.


Bojda December 31, 2018

Lassan 10 éve voltam nálatok egy csodás hónapot merülni.Most márciusban tervezek újra menni, viszont kellene egy kis segítség szeretnék egy nem hivatalos esküvőt,tudnátok nekem benne segíteni? Akár ti is meg tudjátok csinálni szerintem.


Michelle January 12, 2019

Hi – I am a BSAC Sports Diver and am currently based in Bangkok. I am looking to complete my dive leader and have a few elements left. I need to complete DP2, a planned decompression dive and do the theory exam. Is this something that I can do through your branch?


Francesca January 15, 2019


I’m Francesca from NovaTopo, the largest online sports and leisure marketplace in France (and hopefully soon, Europe), with 400k visitors per month and over 50k sports businesses listed.

Our goal is to help tourists book the right activity no matter where they are, all the while bringing new customers to your business.

Here at NovaTopo, we believe in providing the best opportunities for our businesses! With over 10 million French tourists travelling international each year, now is the perfect time to maximise your outreach.

We think your business could be the perfect partner for us so were wondering if you would be interested in working with us?

I would be happy to send you more information via email, if not we can arrange a WhatsApp call for some time this week of the new future to discuss creating your page with Novatopo.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,



Christian January 20, 2019

Hi, I arrive from Lanta tomorrow in Puket and would like to do a daytrip. I only have the 22nd for that so please let me know where you go this day.
I’m Divemaster and only need Medium BCD and Wetsuit, the rest of the equipment I have myself.


Matthias January 24, 2019

I am from Germany.
I will fly to phuket in february.
How much is a day with 3 dives?
Perhaps,we see us.


Jan January 28, 2019

Me and my daughter took open water diving license,at your diving center nov 2012,
we havent dive since then.
We are coming to karon beach the 25/2 (phuket orchid resort).
What do you suggest to us when we come?
We wish a diving day and we are three persons.

Hope to hear from you


Johann January 31, 2019

Please can you let me know what the cost of the Thailand adventure cruise will be – 2 adults, 2 kids (13 and 7). Expected travel is end of August 2019.



Johann March 12, 2019

I would like for a possible reservation. I have been on one excursion to Burma. Thanks


Medgyaszai April 17, 2019

Sziasztok! Pár eve már voltunk Nálatok. Ezúttal is ketten mennénk a fiammal. 5 napos csomag erdekelne minket, szállásunk van. Lehetne egy PhiPhi es egy két roncs. Arak erdekelnének. Előre is köszi


Percival April 18, 2019

Hello, what is price for BSAC ocean and sports diver?


Dale July 10, 2019

Are you offering either a 7 night dive trip to the Surin/Similan islands in Nov 2019? If so, please email dates and prices. While it has been many years, my wife and I have enjoyed three trips with your company.


Lau August 09, 2019

I am PADI diver, Please give me some one day dive trip info. & price,


Robin August 18, 2019

Hello, do you still offer the seakayaking excursions? My daughter and I will be traveling through SE Asia from Sept-Dec and would love to partake in this event.

Also, do you do scuba diving trips that are shorter in length. I would love to explore the Burma but don’t think I’ll have the time to do both

Thank you,



Baranyi August 29, 2019

Sziasztok. December 23-30-ig töltenénk egy hetet Phuket szigetén, tervezem, hogy 3 alkalommal elmennék merülni, tudnátok nekem ebben segíteni?


Crystal November 05, 2019

Hi There!

My sister and I are looking to do a dive trip/liveaboard (departing from Phuket) to the Surin/Similan islands or the Trang Islands either from November 21-24 or from November 28-29. We both have our open water diver PADI certifications. We’d love to hear what the possibilities are with Marina Divers during those timeframes.

Thank you!


Anna November 18, 2019

Hi! We are 3 person travelling in Myanmar from 16 Dec 2019 to 6 Gen 2020, we would like to do a cruise in Mergui archipelago.
Could you please send me options with dates and prices?
Many thanks


Jody November 22, 2019

It’s Jody I’m back making a film in Krabi atm.


Ron November 23, 2019

Hello, I want to open up a Beach Club in Dawei area and am looking for 5-10 Kayaks and Standup Paddleboards.

Do you perhaps have some used onces I can buy, or can you refer me to the Dealer where you bought yours?



Zeno December 07, 2019


I’d like to get a price quote for 3 divers in Phuket (none have equipment) on Dec 28 or 29.
Also, if there are boats that also allow snorkeling (for wife and kid) please send that pricing also. Look forward to your reply.


Pete December 09, 2019

Hi There,

We have a family holiday in Phuket from the 20th to the 28th of December and will be staying in the south of the island.

We have two kids aged 12 and 10 who would like to do an open water course.

Ideally, we could do the study online ahead of arriving (I can assist them with it as required as I am Trimix certified and tech dive regularly, so not relying on an ageing memory of a long distant OW course of my own) and then do the confined water drills and possibly first day of OW dives from the beach in Phuket so they can spend some time with Mum and I in between dives, before then heading out on the boats to do the last day of diving and then probably another day to two diving with me.

Please let me know if this is feasible, and what you would charge for this? We will need to figure out dates once I know what is possible, so please let me know if there are any days where you are not open for business given the festive period.




Peter February 03, 2020

Please supply pricing and info for site visits on varying days this week. We have our own equipment and require pick-up and drop off to Crowne Plaza Hotel, Panwa.


Yacoub March 11, 2020

Dear sir, my name YacoubI did 3 courses,open water and advance in 1999 and 2000 ,I lost all my diving card can I get it from your system ? And how can I get my lost card ?


Roberto Bonifacio May 01, 2020

In Phuket there is many amaning dive sites , if you wish dive from the beach , take a course or night dive one of the best place is Paradise Beach.

Contact me if interested.


Phuket Dive Master May 11, 2020

i dive a lot all around Phuket beaches, similan island, phi phi Island.
There is really amazing marine life and corals, many different dives avaible.


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