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Nyulli Reef (also known as the Rock Cod Reef) is the second reef surrounding the entrance to Shimoni.

It begins at 60ft (18m) and drops down to 140ft (42m). This reef is spectacularly long, and a concentration of pelagics as well as reef fish can be found here.

Marine Life

This is also home to a family of giant grouper up to 400lbs (180kg) in size. The fish here are friendly and accessible to divers. Yellow and Blue striped Snapper, Barracuda, suddenly surround you in their hundreds and it is hard to know where to look first. Soft corals, Gorgonian Fans, outcrops of coral delicately laced with white and purple whispy anemones swaying with the surge.


The visibility on this dive is sometimes bad due to the Kaskazi wind and also the tide movement at that time of day.

Dive schedule

An unfortunate method of dive planning has been forced upon the dive bases in hotels along this coastline. Many centres tend to plan the diving around Hotel meal schedules which sometimes results in missing the best opportunity of the day to view the reef. This is a crazy notion to avid divers as usually one would expect that the day is planned to ensure the best diving possible on each reef.

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