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This unique dive site is made up of large areas of white sand that attracts many white tip reef sharks. They use the sandy bottom as resting places under the fast currents above. The site gets its name from the numbers of sharks that can be seen here, sometimes there are so many, it looks as if the sharks are planes ready for take-off at an airport. Hence, the name, shark airport.

The dive site is a wall reef that starts at around 5 metres and goes down to below 100 metres. It has a good level of current and so divers need to be advanced to complete this dive site. Given the large numbers of sharks to be seen, many divers complete their advanced diver training so as not to miss this dive site.

The wall has lots of good-sized sea whips and large gorgonian fans. These provide shelter to gobies, angelfish, and hawkfish. Other reef fish include anthias, damselfish, and many cleaner wrasse waiting to help the larger pelagic fish.

Along with the sleeping and patrolling white tip reef sharks, divers will be able to also see juvenile reef sharks. There are many schooling snappers and triggerfish all swimming against the currents. Marble rays, big-eyed jacks, large schools of trevally, turtles, and even whale sharks are also commonly seen by divers.

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