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Diving in Puerto Galera is one of the main attractions for divers in the Philippines. The Canyons in Puerto Galera are ideal for adrenaline divers, with swirling currents and exceptional canyons to explore. Made up of three canyons, this drift dive is known for its strong currents and loads of fish action.

Starting off at The Hole in the Wall, the current will wash you along the slope until you reach the magnificent and naturally formed canyons which give this terrific dive site its name. There are a number of shiny trevallies, barracuda and brightly coloured sweet lips to see from your perch on the canyon lip as well as beautiful gorgonian sea fans and sea sponges. Also look out for large schools of jacks and snappers. Once you drop down into the canyons you might be able to spot some scorpion fish, sea snakes and even an octopus or two. The third canyon has a maximum depth of 30 metres and hosts a large anchor embedded in a rock. Divers are encouraged to spend a bit of time resting here whilst they look out for larger marine life such as rays, hammerhead sharks and thresher sharks. For many divers, the Canyons will be on their request list time and time again.

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